The kids are having fun

Okay, we are on vacation at the province of m parents. The tiring travel was so worth it because we arrived safely and the kids (my nephews) are having fun meeting their cousins and meeting new friends here. It is not their first time to travel here but it is their first time meeting them. They played a lot and do bonding a lot. The are having fun I must say. In fact the 5 years old nephew does not want to go back home anymore. LOL! They already went to the white sand beach here and the do want want to get out of the water too. Funny thing is that the 5 years old nephew says, the beach is like a swimming pool. Maybe because it is white sand and the color of the water is blue.

Their summer is spending really well. We have four more days left here in the province. We plan to go to the beach more after our agenda of going here is settled. I haven’t been to the beach yet. We visited some of our relatives already and it is really nice seeing them again after four years. We are having fun here and I am well rested I must say but honestly I missed my sister, my nieces, and my 3 years old charming nephew. Four more days and we are home again. May God bless our trip back home.

Surprise visit is fun

I always want to visit my younger brother and his family at their place once. They live far from us after they got married. It will take us more than two hours to reach their place. Even though we are talking almost everyday still we missed him especially my nephew. The brother is our youngest and he is special to us because he was young when our mother passed away. I must say, he is still our baby that is why we missed him and want to spend more time with him. I missed those times when he is still single. We used to do lots of bonding like playing guitar, doing sing-a-long at home, playing cards and many more.

Last weekend, out of the blue the sister and I decided to visit our younger brother. We did not inform him because we wanted to surprise him. We wanted to see his reaction when he see us. True enough, he is surprised. When the niece of him wife told him that we are still, he did not believe her. I have to go to their room and wake him up myself.haha! And the first words he utter was, what are we doing there. It is fun seeing his shocking face. It is good to see him and have time to talk to him. Hope we can visit him more often and him visit us as well. Thanks brother and SIL for accommodating us. You guys are sweetest. God bless you more! Till our next visit.*wink*

Sunday is family day

Sunday is one of the most important days of the family. This is the day wherein we could spend more time with the family especially the kids. Also the day where we could rest and relax from busy life at work. To us, Sunday is family day. During this day, we see to it that we spend quality time with the family. We like to do things where we could bond and have fun. One of the things that we do every Sunday is doing mini-concert in the living room. Since we all love to sing, sing-a-long is the best bonding of the family. With the help of the television, sound system, speakers, microphone and rca male to male the sing-a-long bonding made possible. It is really fun to do stuffs that the family loves to do. It is the treasure that we will keep forever in our hearts.

Booked a place for the family bonding

I have mentioned in my other website about the family summer gate away. After thorough deliberation (lol), we decided when to go and which beach we will go. With the help of my dear sister, we finally decided. Basing on the photos we have seen on the internet, and reading the comments from people who already went there, we thought that the place is worth to visit. It is far from the beach we went last year, but we will be able to save some from the entrance fee. The white sand is really beautiful in the pictures and we hope that what we seen on the pictures are the same in real.

The only problem is that it has 160 steps from the parking lot to the beach/resort, and father does not like it. He is having difficulty in walking because of rheumatism. We have consider his decision as well. However, we beg for him to say yes. We promise that we will help him. After minutes of thinking the father finally say yes. We already booked a room reservation next month. We are so excited. I am pretty sure that this year summer gate away would be fun and lots of memories to cherish and keep.

Thanks for the treat

Indeed an unplanned happenings are more memorable. I am saying this because last Sunday, the younger brother, his wife, and their son are in the city. We haven’t seen them for almost three months and we missed them. They sent message through phone that they are in the city. They want us to meet at the mall. The timing is perfect because on the same day, the older brother is asking my sister if they could use her credit card. They want to buy new shirt, blouse and pants for the niece graduation day. They do not have cash, so they asked favor from the sister.

We spent an hour at the mall, they treat us to dinner and having our chit-chat. After an hour, it is time to wave goodbye and till next time. They have to go home because it is getting late. They will have to travel for three hours by bus. Yes, you heard it right. They live very far from us that is why we seldom see each other. We are glad that even if it is a long travel, they still find time to visit us. We can’t afford to visit them because it is very costly if we travel at their place. Also, father is too old to travel and easily gets tired. Anyways, thanks brother, SIL and nephew for the visit and the dinner. God bless you more!