Lunch date with my sister

It has been a long time since the last time my sister and I have our moments together. Since she got married, we do not have the time to go out just the two of us. I so missed having the time again when the sister and I have our bonding together because she has a family and the kids are her priorities. I understand that the sister busy with work and her family. We do have our bonding but with kids, so we do not have time to talk and share my thoughts and feelings. Oh well, just girly things.

Two weeks ago, my sister and I have our lunch date. We have our bonding without the kids. I am so happy that my sister gave time to be with me. We talked a lot as if we have not seen each other for years, knowing that we are neighbors.haha! My sister treated me to lunch at the expensive restaurant. It was very memorable for us because it was the first time that we dine in the expensive restaurant. We ordered foods that we rarely eat. After lunch, we went shopping a bit and then visiting our mother at the cemetery. It was indeed another memorable event in my life with my dear sister. Hopefully, we get to bond again. Thank you, sister, for the time and the treat. Love you much!

Bonding with my childhood friends

Friendship is a treasure that you should take good care of for once it’s broken, it is very difficult to fix. True friends are the gem and hard to find. A gem that brings colors to our life because of the memories you’ve shared. And indeed we should value them for they will always be there through good times and bad times. I am saying this because my childhood friends and I have our bonding moments after three years. Three long years but our communication through social media is always there. We have the chance to talk and makes our friendship stronger even if we have not seen each other for years.

Last Saturday, our first bonding after three years happens. It was fun and memorable because we talked a lot and reminiscing our memories when we were still young. Indeed, our past childhood memories are worth to look back. We spend the day talking, laughing, eating and shopping. Things that we missed to do. We are catching things up and I like it. It is really nice to spend time with friends and make new memories. Also, our bonding was a welcome back party to Ana who work overseas for two years. It is nice to see her again and see the fruits of her sacrifices working abroad. Thanks for the treat Ana, God bless you more and may God bless our friendship. Cheers to us Mary Chris, Ana, and I.

Early Christmas Treat for my friends

They say that true friendship is very hard to find.  Once you found it, you have to treasure it, take care of it and love it.  When you have the chance, find time to treat or be with them to have great bonding to catch up on the days you missed because of your busy lives.   I have lots of friends, but unfortunately, I have not seen many of them.  I do not know their whereabouts and I am sad of that truth.  Luckily, I have friends which I am still in contact with them.  We talked almost every day on Facebook.

Because Christmas is fast approaching and I’ll be very busy, I made scheduled to have a date with the two of my treasured friends.  I have contacted them and I am glad they are free.  We had our bonding two weeks ago.  I treat them to lunch and dinner, bought gifts for them when we went to the mall and went to the park.  It was one day of fun and lots of talking, but still, a day is not enough.haha!  It feels good to be with friends and made them smile with your simple gestures.  It is nice to see them smiling and thanking me for the treat.  You are always welcome girls.  I love you both and will treasure our friendship forever.  Till our next bonding.

Playing with the kids before classes starts

Before the busy and study time starts, the sister and I decided to treat the kids at the mall and play with them. We went to the play area and having fun. I am also having fun with them. To be honest I haven’t tried to play at the Time Zone (the play area). It was my first time to go there and I must say I am having so much fun. I felt like a kid again.haha! We play basketball, bowling, and other games for kids that I don’t know what it is called.LOL And I tell you, it is a moment that I will treasure forever.

We played for more than an hour and I am so tired. I really felt my age after we play games. The challenge is that when you play good, you will get more tickets and one ticket is equal to one points. The more points the biggest chances of getting any stuffs/items you like. Unfortunately, we did not able to hit the points on the item that the kids wanted to have. Better luck next time kids. The most important is that we are having fun and we did have an awesome time together before you will go back to school and will be very busy studying. Thank you, kids, for you make me feel young again!

It’s good to see you again ladies


During weekend, I preferred to stay at home that going out. I like to take the opportunity to take a lot of sleep and rest to regain my energy from taking care of the kids. Especially now that I get easily tired because I am not getting any younger. Though sometimes I like to go out and unwind when I get bored at home or I felt that the home is so noisy. I like to be away from the kids sometimes and have my me time. I mean, I need to pamper myself sometimes. It feels good too to go out and enjoy the life of being single.

Last Sunday, a friend who is on vacation wants to meet. It has been three years I think when we had our first meeting. I am so excited to see her again with my other friends. It was a great bonding I must say. We talked a lot of things, smile and laugh, eating, and the likes. It was fun I must say. Thanks for the treat Claire, for the free rides Mary Anne, and Kat. The foods are sumptuous. No time for diet last Sunday. haha! It was really nice seeing you again ladies. Thanks for the friendship as well. Till our next meet up.