He turns three today


The very cute little fella above is my nephew Ronj who turns three years old today. Times really fly so fast. It was like yesterday when I carried him on my arms. Now, he can run, argue, bubbly, and messy. whew! He is very much excited that it’s his birthday today. He keeps on bugging his grandfather and me to buy his ice cream and cake. He even checked the wallet of his grandfather. He said, ‘ he wanted to see the money allotted for the cake and ice cream’. lol

Early this morning, I greeted him after he woke up. He is asking for the cake so I gave him 20 pesos. He smiled and tell his father he can buy now a cake on his birthday. Innocent mind isn’t it? Anyways, Happy Birthday Ronj. I wish you good health and be a good boy always. Also, refrain from yelling. Okay? God bless you always!

Items to put in the loot bags

Few more weeks and the nephew will be celebrating his 3rd birthday. Just enough age I guess to have his first birthday party. Yes, this will be his first birthday party because we opted not to have it during his 1st and 2nd birthday. We wanted him to enjoy his first birthday party that is why we decided to have it when he is a bit old to understand what is going on. Good idea isn’t it? haha! I am pretty sure that he will love his party next month because the family is thinking of giving him a little surprises.

When we think of a birthday party, one thing that kids are more excited to receive the loot bags that is given by the celebrant because of what is inside. Kids are aware that they will get candies, tiny toys, biscuits, stickers, chocolates and lot more inside the loot bag. And because we are planning of having simple birthday party for the nephew, I am thinking of buying Penny Candy to put inside the loot bags. Seeing this item inside the loot bags will make the kids happy and smiling.

His 65th Birthday


April 7, 2012 is the birthday of my dearest Papa. He turns 65 years old. It falls on the holy week that is why we did not able to celebrate on that day. Even though, we greeted him happy birthday and wishing him good health and more birthdays to come. My Papa is getting older, stubborn and irritated. Things that I do not understand sometimes that is why we clashed. I know I have to extend my patience because my father is getting older, but it is hard because he does things that is too difficult for me to comprehend. Sometimes the question ‘ Can I choose a father?’ comes into my mind. It is not good I know but anger brought me in that situation.

The cake is my surprise gift for him on his special day. I do not know if he is speechless or what because I haven’t heard any comment from him when I handed it to him. Mind you, this is the first time that I bought a cake for my father’s birthday. I am so grateful to God for giving me blessings in my blogging career. I never thought I would be able to buy cake for my father. It is simple but it comes from the bottom of my heart and wallet. haha!

Some of my blogging friends knows something about him. To those who hasn’t, allow me to introduce to you my dearest father, my bodyguard, my friend, my enemy, the reason I am alive till now and the reason I am here writing and sharing some thoughts. Happy Birthday Papa and I wish you good health and long life.

My Very Special Day

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Today is my 33rd birthday! I thank God for the all the blessings I have received all my life and the gift of life. And also wanted to say thank you to my family, friends online and offline. Thanks for giving me the awesome memories. This is my very special day and I want to spend it with my family. May God bless us all!

Their bundle of joy

One year ago, this couple was blessed with bouncing baby boy. It was indeed a wonderful blessing from up above for he was born on December 25, 2010. First parents and they were so happy seeing for the first time their bundle of joy.


One year later, their bundle of joy is celebrating his first birthday. One year of blessings and happiness this little angel brings to his parents and now they are giving back those blessings by having a small party on the special day of their son. A simple one that was organized by my sister and yours truly. As you can see the are wearing the same color. It is the motif of his birthday. Visitors are advice to wear something green but not force if no color green found in their closet.

The small celebration went well even if it is rainy day. It was one memorable day for the couple and the birthday boy. Though he does not understand it yet, the photos that we took will tell him how fun is his first birthday. Soon when he grows a bit older, he will be joining the fun together with his visitors.