His 2nd Birthday

Last December 25, 2012 was the 2nd birthday of my nephew. It was a successful celebration even though some of the invited guests did not able to make it. The foods on the table were deliciously prepared by the older brother. He was the chef cook that time. I, on the other hand did prepare the table, chairs, balloons and the sweets. In short, the family did their part to make the celebration a memorable and successful one.

This post should be done last year but because I opted to take my vacation from writing, I just posted it today. I still remember how happy and bubbly the nephew was on his birthday. He keeps on smiling, dancing and running here and there. It seems like he really understand that it was his day/birthday. The time flies really fast indeed. It was like yesterday when the sister gave birth to a very cute little boy. And now he is two years old. Anyhow, the family is so thankful to God for the gift of life He has given to my nephew and for the good health.

Getting things ready for the nephew’s birthday

Even the sister is eight months pregnant and advised not to get tired because her condition is not good, still she managed to prepare the things needed for her son’s second birthday this month. Though it is just a simple celebration, the sister wants to make sure that it is a memorable one and that all the visitors will have a good time. The nephew’s birthday is on the 25th day of this month. Just like last year, not all invited visitors are able to come because it’s Christmas day; still the sister invited them this year.

The sister is done listing the things she needs like rent table and chairs, balloon, cake, menu and the theme of the party. Well, there will be a little party for the kids. My nephew is a playful kid, I am sure he will enjoy playing with invited kids. Though he is just two years old, I tell my nephew is a smart kid just like her mom. Wink* We have three more weeks to get all the things done. One by one we will make the preparation be ready few days before the birthday of the nephew. I do hope that the invited guest will come.

The Birthday Girl

Birthday is the most important day and occasion in ones life. The very first day where we experienced the gift of life. When this day comes, we love to celebrate it with our family, close friends, love ones and relatives. This maybe one of the reasons why this pretty lady Abegail on the photo went back home all the way from Norway. Yes, she went home to celebrate her special day with her family, friends, and relatives here in the Philippines. She is a friend of my sister since high school. I envy the kind of friendship they have. However, I am happy because I am always invited every time they have gatherings. Adopted one so to speak. Thanks a lot for always inviting me and consider me one of your friends. (feeling close) haha!

Anyways, she is such a sweet person to treat her friends on her special day ( including me). Thanks very much Abegail. I wish you all the best in life. Good health, happy family and more blessings to come. May God bless you always!

P.S. That guy behind her is serenading us and singing happy birthday while we are savoring the yummy foods on the table.

Happy Birthday to You

Just yesterday this stubborn younger brother of mine celebrates his 29th birthday. The family is waiting for him to arrive since he lives far from us. I am glad that he made it with his girlfriend. Yes, he decided to celebrates it with us. This is to cope up because last year, he was away from us. Though they did not last longer because they have to go back early for no one will attend to their store. Even though the celebration is very short, we did have a good time and enjoyed the foods on the table. Thanks to you and your gf for the wonderful birthday treat.

To my younger brother I wish you all the best in life, happiness in life and good health of course. I do pray for your success in life as well. As I have seen and noticed, you are happy and satisfied with your life right now. I do wish that this is for good and forever. May you have a good life together. Always remember that we will always be there for you anytime you needed someone to talk to and needs help. Though I cannot promise when it comes to money. haha! Anyways, happy birthday again and I wish you good luck and God bless!

The birthday girl

This is Ronna, my niece who turns nine today. The eldest grandchild of my father and the cry baby. haha! I say she is a cry baby because she cries when she did not get what she wanted. She cries when she commits mistakes and she cries when you said you will spank her. I guess she has lots of tears to shed for nothing. lol Even so, she is still one of the family’s baby. The one I used to carry and not almost turns into a lady. Believe it or not, she loves to face the mirror, make her self presentable and always conscious of what she wears. Though there are times the child in her comes out.

The family decided to celebrates her birthday at the pool as she requested. Also we want it to be different this time, since there are four of them celebrating their birthday on the same month. We used to celebrates her birthday at home. So making changes this time is a good idea. This chocolate cake is the birthday gift of my sister to her. The birthday celebration was a blast. The kids enjoyed the water in the pool and adults at the beach.

Happy Birthday Ronna! I wish you all the best in life, good health and be good girl always because you’re becoming a bratty. whew!