Happy 2nd Birthday Mark Nin Andrei

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It is still fresh in my mind when I carried him in my arms for the first time. He was one adorable and handsome kid I must say. He is very little and I want to shower him with kisses when he delivered by the nurse inside the room from the nursery. I was the one took him from the nurse and put him beside his mom who was still sleeping that time. It was like yesterday, now the little angel that adds happiness in the family just turns two years old last January 16, 2015. The celebration was simple but a memorable one because of the relatives that came over, some friends, neighbors, kids and of course the family.

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Although did not really understand what really happens on his special day, we are glad because he was very happy playing with the invited kids and his cousins. We captured some nice images of him smiling that we can show to him when he grows older. Mark Nin Andrei’s birthday celebration was complete and filled with laughter. We give thanks to those who came and celebrate with us. Big thanks to God for another year of Andrei’s life. We wish him good health, be a good boy and God-fearing boy. Happy 2nd Birthday Mark Nin Andrei. Stay as bubbly as you are. We love you!

Remembering his 33rd birthday

He was only 4 years old when he died. I do not understand then of what is the cause of his death. He is a bubbly brother, always smiles, and loves to play a lot. That is how I remember my younger brother. We did not spend more time playing because I usually play with my sister and him with our older brothers. I regret those times because we do not have much memories to remember because we are still very young. His death is very painful to my late mother because he is so young and a mama’s boy. The brother being sick gives pain to my late mother. I remember my mother cried looking at him and on the day he died.

Anyways, even if he died almost three decade ago, we still remember him, and his birthday. This month is his birth month. If he is alive, he is 33 years old by now and probably married because he is a cutie in the family. This month we remember his 33rd birthday. Sadly, we did not able to visit his grave because it was gone long time ago. We did not able to locate him anymore. He was buried in the province where we live before. We tried our best to locate him but did not able to. Even though, we still remembers him and he will always be in our heart. To my younger brother, wherever you are right now, happy birthday, and please know that you are always in our hearts. I thank God for giving you to us even if the time is short.

Remembering mom’s birthday

Today is my mother’s birthday. If she is still alive, she is 66th years old now. I so missed my mother very much. Every year we do celebrate her birthday. We are visiting her grave; bring flowers, candle, and foods. Also , we offered a prayer for her. We usually visit her together but today father and two brothers will not be going. My father’s condition is not good; he can’t stand longer and can’t walk longer. The other brother is working and the younger brother is living very far from us. Though they are not going with us, I am pretty sure that my mom is very happy up there because her five grandchildren are visiting her.

Just like the previous years, we will have simple dinner at home. We prepare a plate for her, with her favorite foods. That is how we celebrate and remember mom on her birthday. How we wish she is with us, eating with us and laughing with us. It would be a perfect celebration if she is with us because we will be celebrating her birthday and mother’s day. Anyways, happy birthday mother thanks for the memories. Wherever you are, know that you are always remembered and loved by us.

His 67th

 photo 2cedb5ec-e37b-42ca-8593-7fee0a146e1c_zpsda9a5a8f.jpgMy father is turning 67 this April 7, 2014. We think of having simple celebration without his knowledge. The sister, brothers and I are talking of what we are going to prepare on his special day. I told the sister that we will be buying two cakes for him, one from us and one from his grandchildren. The cake also will complete the birthday celebration. No cake, no birthday, according to the kids. My father is so easy to please; a simple dinner at the house would mean so much to him. He has invited two of his friend, the closest one.

On his 67th years, I thank God for giving him another year to be with us. The father is very sick last year. I wish that his condition will get better and he will not be so sickly anymore. Although, we fought sometimes, I always pray for his health. The photo above is the celebrant with the two cute cakes that the sister and I bought for him and the foods that we are going to eat. It is not a best photo I must say because he doesn’t himself posing with the cakes. Well, he said he is too old for this. Lol Again, happy 67th birthday father, we love you always!

Happy Birthday to me

Today is my big day, another year added to my life. Times flies really fast indeed and I am getting older and older. I am not complaining that I am getting older, because we will all get there. In fact, I am happy that I reach the age I am now. If you are wondering why I did not write in here my age, it is because it is a secret. Haha! All I can say is that at my age, I am so blessed. Though many are bugging me telling me that I should get married at my age and it bothers me a lot.

Anyways, I wanted to greet myself a very happy birthday. I thank God for another year of life. About how am I going to celebrate it, well, I will be having a simple dinner with the family and two invited friends. I am not used to throwing a big celebration ever since. So a simple dinner with the family is fine with me. Besides they are my inspiration and my happiness. On my birthday, I wish for myself a good health, happiness in life, blessed life and love life this year. Haha! Many are asking about my love life and I cannot give them any answer, I do hope this year when they bother to ask again, I have someone to introduce to them. I really hope so. lol