Glad she is back

Because of the low pressure and the bad weather, the sister’s babysitter for her kids did not able to come back early. Their area flooded due to continue raining for days. The buses and other means of transportation stranded and can’t travel going back to the city. I babysit the kids for more than a week because the babysitter is not yet back. We understand the situation, however, we are worried because the birthday of the sister’s second son would be this week and she is not here yet. She is waiting for rain to stop and the water to subside so she can travel.

Our prayers answered because the babysitter arrives last night. She is back on time I must say. We are glad that the rain stops and the water subside. Because she is back, I can go with the sister today buying the things needed for tomorrow’s birthday celebration. Also, we are happy that the weather gets better today. Mr. Sun is slightly peeking. A little cloudy though, but still hoping for a sunny day tomorrow so the children’s party will be an enjoyable one for the kids. Thanks God for the weather and thanks for guiding the babysitter’s travel back to us.

Give her medicines

My sister told me that her babysitter is not smiling and when she is talking to her, she is not listening. She is afraid that the babysitter is burned out and thinking of leaving. She cannot afford it if the babysitter leaves again because she really needs a babysitter to watch her kids while she is at work. Because the sister is so worried, I told her that I will ask the babysitter of what is wrong and what she thinking so she won’t worry anymore. It took me two days to think of what to ask and tell the babysitter. I have to make sure that I ask in a nice way. I do not want to offend her.

Yesterday, I took the chance to ask the babysitter. Only to find out that she is not feeling well. She had fever that is why she moves very slowly. Her body needs to rest that is why she is not paying attention to my sister the last two days. How can we be so insensitive? Well, if she only told us that she is not feeling well, we would have given her medicine right away. After learning that she is not feeling well, I give her medicines and let her rest so she will get well very soon. I look after the nephews for two day so the babysitter well get more rest. I am glad that she is okay now.

She Just Left

It is too difficult to find a nanny/babysitter nowadays. With all the incidents and news we have seen on television about babysitter/nanny not treating the kids well. My sister is taking extra careful in finding one. As much as possible she wants a recommended babysitter/nanny. She is confident having a recommended babysitter. When she arrives, the sister is so happy because there is someone who will take good care of her son whiles she and her husband is at work. The babysitter/nanny was recommended by her mother-in-law. All went well because she and her husband likes the babysitter because she lover their son and also she does household chores correctly. Even if she is not ask to do it, she will. A perfect babysitter for them.

Three months later, the babysitter told the sister that she is leaving. It was so sudden and my sister is so shocked because the babysitter informed them that she is leaving the day before she left. It is a very difficult situation for my sister. How can she get a new babysitter. It is so difficult to get a replacement. If only she informed my sister early so that she will look for a new babysitter. Well, the babysitter just left yesterday and since they are still looking for a replacement, I will took over the babysitter job for my nine months old nephew. It will be so tiring, but I am used to it. Besides this is temporary job.