Two more months

After the two miscarriages, the brother and his will soon have their first born. The baby will see the beauty of life in two months. The long wait is over and they will finally become parents. They brother and sister-in-law visited us two days ago and told us that they will have a son. They are so excited to see their son. Thank you, God, for this blessing to the couple. This year is indeed a blessed year for us and especially to the brother and SIL. They got married last May and now they will have the baby in November. It is an answered prayer and we are so happy for them.

Since they live far from us, we cannot be there when the big day comes but we see to it to visit them when she gave birth. I just give them some suggestions to do before the day comes. Things that they need to prepare while waiting. Listing the things to bring at the hospital. Also, told the SIL to put all the things needed to bring in the hospital bag so when the day comes, they just grab the bag and go to the hospital. I pray that the SIL will have the safe delivery. Also, pray for both the SIL and the baby’s safety. See you soon little one, the new member in the family. Can’t wait to see you and carry you in my arms.

Excited of the gender

This is it! This is the month that I have waited for. Why? Because this is the month that my sister will going to have her ultrasound for the gender of the little angel inside her womb. We are so excited to know the gender of the new member of the family. We hope and pray it will be a girl because the sister has two sons already. It would be an answered prayer if it is a girl. I am so excited too because I really missed having a baby in the side. I missed carrying baby in my arms.

Next week is the sister have her doctor’s appointment and she will get the doctor’s/OB’s request for ultrasound. Just like her two sons, I go with her during the gender ultrasound. For the third time I want to go too. I already told the sister that I am going to go with her because I want to be the first one to know the gender. I can’t wait for the day of the ultrasound. I really wish that it’s a baby girl. The sister also wish it is a girl because she wants to have princess in their house since she is the

It’s a boy!

The long wait is over! Yes, I have waited for seven months to know the gender of the sister’s second baby. I am so excited because I hope it is a girl so that we can start buying things for the coming little angel of the family. We like it to be a baby girl since the sister’s first baby is a boy. In fact the sister does have a name of the baby if it is a girl. She is not thinking of a boy name because she thinks the baby inside her tummy is a girl. What makes the sister think that it is a girl? Well, she is just comparing the experience while she is pregnant with her first baby. Also, she is comparing of the movement of the baby inside her tummy.

Since I am so excited to know the gender of the baby, I go with her to the OB-gyne clinic. I was sitting watching the screen of the monitor while the doctor is trying to make the baby spread the legs. When the legs of the baby finally spread, the doctor said “it’s a boy”. The sister and I look at each other and say “okey’. Haha! So, I guess the name of a girl that the sister is preparing will be kept until she will have a baby girl. I jokingly told the sister that can I have the name instead. Haha! And I bet you know what the sister’s answer. She is still hoping to have a baby girl one day. Now that we know the gender of the baby, it is time to buy things for the baby and thinking of the nice name.

The sister wants an M.A initials. Can you give a name of a baby boy with M. A? I would be glad to hear suggested names from you, my readers and visitors.

First look of the family’s angel


This is the image of the angel inside my sister’s womb. This little one is four months old. Also the reason I arrived late and did not witness the full activities of the parade and dancing on the street last Kadayawan Festival. For two years in a row I did not see the celebrations in the city. I go with my sister to the clinic where she will be having her first ultrasound for her second baby. Anyhow, I am happy because I get to see this lovely little angel that will soon see the beauty of living in the next five months. Gosh! I am so excited to see and carry this little one. I am sad that I did not see the parade but at the same time very much happy because I get to see this angel for the first time. Worth it I must say.

I smiled seeing this angel is moving when the attendant is pushing the apparatus against my sister’s tummy. The baby is moving and responding. Too bad we did not able to see what’s the gender because the baby is too little to see the gender. We have to wait till the seventh month. By then we can see the baby’s gender. I am so excited. I can’t wait to know the gender of the family’s new angel.