Another angel coming up

We have an unexpected visitors today at home. My sister-in-law dropped by this afternoon. She usually message us if she is going to visit us. But today no message from her. My father, sister and I are in the middle of our conversation when we heard a voice outside our house calling our attention. When the sister checked who is outside, it was our sister-in-law. Visiting us wasn’t in her plans today. She went to the home mortgage for their house filing the documents when she thought of visiting us. We are surprised and of course happy because she finds time to visit us despite her busy schedule for today. We seldom see her and my brother and their son because they live very far from us. Despite the distance they still finds time to visit us especially our father.

Even though she is alone visiting us, still we are glad because she thought about us. Aside from the surprise visit, she also told us that she is two months on the way. Yes, another angel is coming up. Another angel will be added to our family tree. We are so happy for them especially me for I keep on teasing them to make another baby, preferably a girl.LOL! Congratulations to my brother and sister-in-law and thank you God for this wonderful gift.

She is an angel in disguise

Our short vacation at the province of my BIL in Trento, Agusan (Philippines) was a memorable one, memorable in the sense that we lost one of our bags. I was carrying three bags, the sister is carrying her two sons, the BIL is two big bags, and the babysitter is carrying three bags. I counted all the bags before we ride the bus that will bring us to the Trento terminal. When we arrived at the Trento terminal, we get all the bags that were put in the bag area. My focus is the three bags that I carried. I am counting all the bus while waiting for the BIL’s brother that will fetch us.

After 30 minutes of waiting, I noticed that one bag is missing. I asked the sister about the red bag that carried by his husband. One of our bags is still on the bus that is heading to Butuan. OMG! The sister’s and her husband’s clothes was there. We are arguing of how we are going to get our bag back, when the woman who is the passengers on the bus, told us that she has the mobile number of the bus driver. She seated beside the sister near the bus driver. The driver and she were talking while on the road and end up exchanging numbers. Good thing we have the same destination. I asked the number of the driver and tried calling it. The driver and I talking of how we are going to get our bag back. To make the story short, we are able to get our bag back. She is an angel in disguise I must say. Thanks to her.

Another angel added in the family

Last November 12, 2013, my sister-in-law (wife of my younger brother) gave birth to a bouncing baby boy. It was the happiest day of their lives to see the fruit of their love, their bundle of joy. She gave birth via C-section because the baby is too big. The baby is 8 pounds to be exact. The family is happy for them and welcoming the new angel in the family. Unfortunately, we did not able to visit them at the hospital because they live very far from us. Only the older brother went to visit them and bring the little help we have. I wanted to come and see the baby too but it is not possible since I am babysitting my nephews too.

Anyways, I get to see the photo of my new nephew named Zeus Marllo through my brother’s mobile phone. The baby is so cute I must say. Looking at his photo makes me want to carry him on my arms. I really wish I go with my older brother when he went to visit to see the baby personally and also to congratulate my brother and his wife, though I did extend my congratulations through phone. I also told to visit us and bring the baby so we can see him, carry him and kiss him. See the image of the new angel added in the family.

First look of the family’s angel


This is the image of the angel inside my sister’s womb. This little one is four months old. Also the reason I arrived late and did not witness the full activities of the parade and dancing on the street last Kadayawan Festival. For two years in a row I did not see the celebrations in the city. I go with my sister to the clinic where she will be having her first ultrasound for her second baby. Anyhow, I am happy because I get to see this lovely little angel that will soon see the beauty of living in the next five months. Gosh! I am so excited to see and carry this little one. I am sad that I did not see the parade but at the same time very much happy because I get to see this angel for the first time. Worth it I must say.

I smiled seeing this angel is moving when the attendant is pushing the apparatus against my sister’s tummy. The baby is moving and responding. Too bad we did not able to see what’s the gender because the baby is too little to see the gender. We have to wait till the seventh month. By then we can see the baby’s gender. I am so excited. I can’t wait to know the gender of the family’s new angel.

Expecting another angel

To conceive a child is one of the greatest gift that God has given to women. However not all are bless enough to bear a child inside a women’s womb. And that is the sad part of a women’s life. But still life must go on because life is beautiful to enjoy for life is a wonderful journey. Oh well, I do not want make my readers sad and feel lonely about the sad part of women’s heart. I am saying this because my sister is so blessed because she is now conceiving her second baby. Yes, you heard it right. The sister is expecting another angel to bring smiles and happiness in their house.

The family is expecting another angel to added in our family tree. I am so happy after the sister told me the good news of her pregnancy. She is one month on the way. Woohoo! I so love babies. I will be accompanying the sister to the doctor. The same thing when she was expecting her first baby. My excitement is double compared to my sister. haha! It seems like I am the one who is conceiving a baby. Very funny but it is true. Well, I just so love to take care of a baby and carry it on my arms.

Once again…congratulations to my sister. Be safe always…I love you.