Celebrating the 70th birthday of my mother

Last May 9, 2018, was the 70th birthday of my mother. Even though my mother died 29 years ago, we still celebrate her birthday every year. It is our way of telling her that she is loved and remembered even if she is no longer with us. Our mother played the important part in our life. Because of her, we grew up responsible human beings. Her teachings are still alive and we are passing it to the next generation of the family. My mother’s absence is our strength to continue with life through her teachings. We missed her like every day of our lives.

On her 70th birthday, I can tell that my mother is happy up there because we are complete. Yes, my older brother with his fiancee and my younger brother with his wife and son did come to celebrate with us. They gave time to come and visit our mother at the cemetery. Also, we brought her grandchildren so my mother can see them. She was not able to be with them because she died early. We brought flowers for her and light candles for her. And cooked the family’s favorite dishes to complete the celebrations.

Mother, I know that you are happy wherever you are. Always know that we love you and you will always be in our hearts. Thank you for everything. Please continue to watch us and guide us every day. Happy birthday mother, we love you and we missed you very much.

Simple Yet Memorable

Last Friday was the 70th birthday of my father. As what he wants we had a simple celebration. We invited our relatives and some of his closest friends. The father does not want an extravagant celebration for the reason that he is too old for that. The celebration is a simple dinner yet memorable to the celebrant because of the invited visitors to celebrate with us. I must say that his closest friends made his day extra special. I thank them for coming even if the weather is not cooperating. The heavy rain did not stop you from coming. Your presence is very much appreciated. Thank you very much!!!

Another year has added to my father’s life. I wish him good health, long live and more years to come. I thank God for this blessings. I thank God for always protecting my father from harm and for giving us a father like him. He is not a perfect father but I would not ask for a better father if given the chance to choose. To us, he is the perfect father. He raise us well and provides what we need with the absence of my mother. Happy birthday to my father and God bless you always!!!

Planning for father’s 70th birthday

My father will turn 70 on April. We are planning to give him a nice birthday party. Actually it is my SIL’s idea. She wants the special day of our father a memorable and an event that my father will treasure. She wanted to surprise my father about the birthday. She is asking of my idea, however, I cannot give her anything since I haven’t plan an event like that. I just told her to do the same when they were celebrating the 60th birthday of her mother. It is really a nice idea. How nice of her of the that thought.

We talked about the plan already, the first would be the flow of the program at the party. Who will be our invited guests, the motif if there is any, printed t-shirt with father’s name on it, invited relatives, and friend of father. When everything is finalize we will then of the perfect venue of the father’s birthday party. We have lots of places on our list like overnight at the pool, since my father likes to celebrate his birthday at the pool with the family, dinner at the function hall near the village, day tour at the beach, or simple dinner at home. But since father will turn 70, we want it to be special, and to surprise him. We have enough time to finalized everything, hopefully we pick the perfect venue for the big event of my father’s life.