Worth to visit website

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Falls Alarmed

A family friend came here in the house three days ago. He told my father about the car he saw that is for sale. It is in good condition, and the prize is so perfect for the budget. We need to have a car for the family to start on their own business that is why we keep on looking for the good car to buy. After hearing the good news from a friend, the family discuss about the car decided to look at it the following day. The brother went to see the car personally and have it check before the final decision. The family comes up with the same decision to buy the said car.

I am praying that this time we are able to buy the car of our dreams. But same as before, it was a falls alarmed because the owner changes his mind. It is too bad that we are always in this kind of situation. Indeed, our patience is being tested. I am glad that the family has lots of patience in our hearts. J I hope that soon the family will have the car soon for the business to run. Crossing our fringer again, hoping that we will have the car that we wanted to buy for the business to run soon. And I pray the no more falls alarmed to be heard.lol

Relaxing at the beach

I went to church alone this morning because I woke up alone and did not able join the family in the 6:00 AM mass. The family decided to attend mass early because of our different appointments. My brother and his family will be going to beach for the small gathering of their company. The father will be attending an event in the church and my other brother will going to visit a friend. I am left alone that is why I decided to go at my sister’s place to hang out.

After arriving at my sister’s place, she told me that they are going to beach too. They want to unwind because of the very hot weather today. It is so lonely to be alone that is why I decided to go with them. It is the best place to unwind and relax indeed. I did have a good time roaming around the beach and eating. It is good to be away from the computer once in a while. I seldom go out because I preferred to stay at home during Sunday to have some time to rest after a week of taking care of the kids. I did have a wonderful day of rest today and went to the nice place where I could relax.

Ride on the boat

PhotobucketEver since I never tried to ride on the boat because I am afraid if the boat will turn upside down. I have so many negatives thoughts in my mind that I why I never tried even once when I was in my parent’s province. The one reason that makes me not to ride in the boat is that I do not know how to swim. I remember before, my uncle wanted me to ride in his boat and go with him fishing together with my cousins. But I did not try it because I am so scared to ride.

Just three days ago at the province of my sister’s husband, we went to their fishpond and looking at the fishes in there. But the problem is that I can only see the fishes if I ride in the boat. I am so scared and I said NO when my BIL invited me. But my eagerness to the fishes made me decide to ride in the boat with my sister. It was indeed a fun experienced if I am so tense and not relax. As you can see in the photo above that my sister capture while we are in the boat riding. One of the memorable moments of my life and I am so happy.

Back to city life

I am so refresh after having my three days vacation at the province. I am glad that I am able to rest well and feel so relax from the busy city. It is good to be away for a while from the usual routine I done at home and online. I did not bring my laptop with me because the province is so remote and no internet connection available from my internet provider. I am a bit sad but a good way to relax from eyes from facing the computer and rest my fingers from typing.

Just this afternoon I got back home from my vacation. Back to city life now and my day would be busy again starting tomorrow. I have loads of laundry waiting for me in my basket, cleaning my closet and cleaning my messy room. Yes, I did have a good time at the province but after coming back home, lots of things to do. I started making up tonight from the days of absence in updating my blogs tonight. I so missed writing an update for my blogs. I am so far behind that is why I am making up tonight. Good luck to me because as of the moment I am so sleepy…sigh!