Develop core strength through exercise with a medicine ball

Whether you are an athlete or not, core strength is important. All functional movement depends on core strength, and this happens to be especially true in athletic activities. Though whether you are washing the dishes or snowboarding down a mountain, having developed core strength will make you do better at everything you do and help prevent injuries.

If you want to develop your core strength, there are all kinds of exercises to help you do so. However, one of the easiest ways to do this is to use an exercise ball. Training with one enhances some of the most commonly performed exercises out there, such as sit-up and push-ups, into core-defining routines. The following are some of the most popular exercises you can do with an exercise ball to increase your core strength.

You can do push-up on an exercise ball by resting your thighs over the top of it and placing your hands shoulder with apart, with elbows straight, in front of you. In this inclined position, you will work core muscles at the top of your chest as well as in your triceps.

Sitting on the exercise ball at about a sixty degree angle, so that you are not on the top and almost leaning against it, will put you in a good position to do sit-ups. You will end up leaning back so that your body falls over the ball, hands behind your head. Every time you rise up, you will be performing a crunch that targets upper abdominal, hip, and core muscles.

How about some leg work. Get into a lunging position and place one foot, sole facing up wards, over the ball. Now lean forward and roll the ball back with your foot over it. This will build strength in your quadriceps and help shape your buttocks.

Now target your triceps. With your hands over the exercise ball, lean down so that your biceps touch the tops of your forearms. Keep your feet together behind you. Now slowly push yourself off the ball, keeping elbows straight.

Lastly let’s go over something for the shoulders. You will need dumbbells for this but the exercise targets your deltoids and will help your core develop, too. Lay over the exercise ball, stomach down. With your arms straight down, lift them up until your elbows bend at ninety degree angles straight out in front of you and parallel to the ground.

These are just five out of hundreds of exercises you can perform using a medicine ball. Your core will feel worked if you are not used to developing it, but in time you will get used to it and you will notice an increase in ability in any physical task you do.

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The Christmas Tree is Up

It’s been weeks now that the kids are bothering me where am going to put up the Christmas tree. I always tell them that I will not put the Christmas tree this year because I do not have time to do it. Because they wanted to see the Christmas tree, they offered to help me in doing it. I just smiled after hearing that they wanted to help me because in every thing that I do, they never help me in doing it right. They just add some more mess to clean up. I am thinking of putting up the Christmas tree however, my hands are too busy with my ten months old nephew. I did have plans to put the Christmas tree this week.

After having our lunch today and the kids are taking their nap. I get the old Christmas tree and the Christmas decorations in the box. The house is so quiet, meaning no one will be disturbing me in putting up the Christmas tree. In less than one hour, the Christmas tree is now up and I have already put few decorations. Some of the decorations are broken because I have been using it for years already. I was resting when the kids woke up from their afternoon nap the nieces arrived from school. They are surprised to see the Christmas tree in the living room. They smiled and told me, “you lied; you said you will not put the Christmas tree up?’ Smart kid eh? I just smiled at them.

Pagerank at Last

It has been a while that this blog of mine is longing for pagerank. I have worked so hard to make this blog known, gain visitors and readers and gain a good traffic for this blog. It was middle this year when Mr. G is updating pagerank. I am so happy because four of my blogs got pagerank, but a bit sad because this blog remains at pagerank 0. Getting pagerank 0 does not stop me from updating this blog and make this blog more appealing to visitors. Instead I double time in updating this blog and writing post the best that I could.

Just recently, Mr. G updated again pagerank and I am so happy to see that this blog got pagerank 1. My working so hard was a success because my blog is being noticed by Mr. G. My time, effort and patience were worth it after seeing the shining pagerank 1 in my sidebar. Thank you very much Mr. G for the recognition and for giving this blog a rank. I want to share this recognition to all my visitors, readers and friends who constantly giving their time to read and for leaving comments in my post. Mochas Gracias!

Upcoming Girls Scout Camping

The nieces will go to attend their first girls scout camping this weekend. They are going to stay at the school for two days and they are very much excited about it. They’re excitements affects the whole family because they keep on bugging and asking what are the things they will bring. I remember when I was at school and wanted to join girls scout camping but did not able to attend because of financial matters. I want my nieces to experience camping because I missed it when I was little.

I am too is excited to their upcoming girls scout camping. I want them to experience how is it that is why I am helping them in the preparation of their things. It is their first time to attend so I want them to have the best experience ever. They have lots of things to bring like foods, clothes and personal belongings. And since their parents are both working, I am helping them in their preparation. We have to make sure that they have all the things that they needed because they will be at the camp site for one night and two days. Tomorrow we will start packing their things because they are very much excited.