Something to put in my room

During the day, I babysit my two years old and 11 months old nephew. I spent most of my day time with them. I wanted to take a nap but cannot do it because the kids sleeping time is different. When the 11 months old is sleeping, the two years old is awake and vice versa. Sometimes I fell asleep and woke up with the baby is crying. The longest nap I had been is ten minutes. And it is not good because I sleep late at night doing some things online. I have to grab the quiet and peaceful night doing it.

At night, I cannot sleep straight because of distracting sound outside. The barking of the dogs, the vehicles and the shouting of neighbors even late at night. I tried listening to radio however, there are songs that so distracting. I am looking for a device that I will place in my room like white noise maker. It would be best to have a kind of device in my room that brings soothing sounds for me to relax and have a good night sleep without any destruction in between.

The cheap dish-washing liquid

In the village there are lots of vendors that will sell door to door.  Sometimes they offers a very low prices of basic commodities likes soaps, process foods, kitchen utensils and containers that is needed in the laundry area.  I used to buy goods from these vendors before because of the low prices compared to goods in the supermarket.  Although I am aware of those imitation goods, still I bought to spare me from the hazards in going to the city. Smiley

Just recently, there is a vendor who are selling dish-washing liquid in the village.  I am tempted to buy because it is very cheap.  Imagine, I get three bottles of dish-washing liquid for $2 only.  I am thinking if I will go the supermarket, I can only get one because  I have to commute going to the city.  It is also perfect because we are running out of dish-washing liquid, so I buy right away without hesitations.  I used the liquid the night after I bought it.  When I squirting the bottle and squeezes the sponge, the bubbles are so little.  I have to put more liquid to the sponge to have more bubbles.  I am so sad about it and angry for I cannot bring it back. Smiley I learned my lessons and I promised not to buy goods from the vendors that is knocking on our doorstep.  I will not let my lazy conscience strike me not to go to the supermarket.  I realized that it would be best to go to the supermarket because it is 100% sure that we are buying the best goods and products.  And always think before you buy. Smiley

When the advantage of technology becomes disadvantage

We are so blessed because we are given by God the knowledge, ability, skills, talents and the likes. We have all what we wanted to live a good and decent life. The blessings that God gives to us are the tools for us to become successful in life, and make this world a better place to live. Through these blessings we are able to invent things that make our life easy. This is how we make the world developed using the technologies that genius are discovered from thorough experimentation. Indeed technology of today makes our life easy and fast. There are lots of advantages we can get from using the different technology that are invented. And we are lucky to have best of the world.

As they say, good things are always accompanied by bad things. It is very true because there are individuals who used these technologies to do badly to others and use the technologies for their own benefits and happiness. I presumed we are so aware about video scandals. Best example of these is the video between couple in the intimate mode. Clearly it is a way of abusing the technology has to offer. But people are still doing it for fun. I am wondering of what satisfaction they can get from doing it. I am not judging them however, what they did is so unfair. It is like they are using the gift of God in a wrong way.

I do enjoy using the technologies of today without harming others. A big advantage for me having the technologies that I need. I have the options to use it in a wrong way but never would I do that because I do respect myself as well as others. I hope that others will realize the good things that these technologies can do for us and do not use it to abuse or make fun of others.

The Blog Idol Season 4 T-shirt


One of the most memorable things that happen to me in the blogosphere is when I joined the Blog Idol Season 4 hosted by Milton. At first it was like a trip of mine to sign up and join the said contest. I was surprised when the host informing me through commenting in my blog saying that I was part of the top 12. The contest plot is same as the contest we have seen on television, the only difference is that the contestants are not going to sing; instead we have to pick our favorite songs from each category. It made me more excited because I do love music and I have lots of favorite to share in the Blog Idol contest.

The contest runs for two months. I am actively participating in the said contest because of the prizes that is up for grabs. The elimination rounds were a bit scar because we have to gather many votes to stay on the contest. Luckily I was lucky enough to be on the top three. I did not expect that I would come that far but thanks to my blogger friend Mona who always includes me in her campaign to gain more votes.

Though I did not bring home the bacon, I am thankful enough to be part of the contest. I finished on the third spot and the photo above is me wearing the t-shirt that I won from joining Blog Idol season 4. I give thanks to you all who voted for me and supported me. And also a big thanks to Milton who has the brilliant mind to host a contest such as this one. It was indeed a good memory for me to keep. Thanks for the opportunity and the shirt of course.

I have seen different coins collections from my sister’s old wallet. She has it when she was still in high school as part of their project in history. Since then she started collecting different coins from different countries. The sister has different collections but this one is unique I can tell because it will take more time, patience, effort and money to get the best coins. Among her coins collections, I have noticed that she does not have a silver coins. To buy silver coins for her this Christmas in one of my priorities. This would be added to her collections that she would definitely love. I am pretty sure she will be surprise because it has been a while since the last time she added new coin to her coins collection. This would be my surprise presents for her this coming holiday season.