Something new for my bedroom

This holiday season, there are lots of stores and department stores that are giving a great deals to their consumer. As consumer like me, I always look for goods and items that are on sale because I can get discounts from buying the goods and items. A great opportunity because I can save some from buying a single item. That is why I always grabs this wonderful opportunity during this season. And this year, I am thinking of buying something new for my bedroom. I want to make my bedroom a very comfortable place to stay.

It has been a years since the last time I bought something for my bedroom. I am so glad because The White Company is offering abedroom sale. A worth to visit shop because of their wide collections of items that is of good quality. I have found the best site/shop to go to buy something new for my bedroom. It is so perfect because I wanted to put white things in my bedroom like curtain, bedding, blanket and the likes. My bedroom would be full of white linen and pleasant to look at.

Next week is the scheduled Christmas party of the kids at school. They are very much excited because at long last they will wear the dress that I bought for them to wear on their Christmas party. The dress is my early gifts for them this Christmas. I am glad that they liked it and they like my taste. Smiley Of course I will be accompanying them since their parents are both working and cannot take a leave because they are busy. They are used to it because I always accompanied them since their kindergarten days.

This Monday, December 19 2011 is their Christmas party. They already bought the item as their gift for their exchange gifts. As usual, yours truly is wrapping their gifts for the Christmas party. I love doing it because I do some experimentation on different styles of gift wrapping. It is like I am practicing their gifts but I see to it that I wrapped it nicely and presentable. I experiment in making ribbons, designs in gift wrapping and styles. Doing it makes me feel like I am a true artist of gift wrapping. Smiley I have tried the candy style, t-shirt style, and the ordinary style with designs. I am thinking of experimenting a new designs this time. Haven’t decided it yet, but I have something in my mind now. I will try this one and see if it turns out nice and presentable.


The title is here

Two months ago, we pay in full the amount of the house and lots that was loan by my father. We did not bring the title because it is still on process and we have to wait for two months to get it done. But we are advice to call every now and then to check if the title arrives. Yesterday, the SIL called the home mortgage to check if the title of the house and lot arrives. It was a music to our ears when the SIL called and utter the good news to us. Finally the waiting is over because the title of the house and lot has just arrived the other day.Smiley

This morning we went to the home mortgage to get the title of the house and lot. When we arrived and go directly to the lady in the front desk, the lady told us that they only released papers/titles every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and it is still Thursday. arghs Smiley We did not know that they have specific days of releasing the title. We should have ask before we went there. Well, it was a lesson learned and I will remember that lesson everyday.

Just last month, the brother was rushed to the hospital because he cannot breath. We brought him to the nearest hospital because my brother’s case was emergency. We stayed there for four days for some laboratories and x-rays to make sure his condition in fine. The hospital’s services was fine and some of their devices are good however, what I have noticed is the workloads of the nurses and other workers there. There are times I saw them carrying lots of medicines and other stuffs going to the patient’s room.

In my four days of being there attending my brother, I have noticed that even the hospitals has new devices already they seemed to be lacking of some. I saw some of their things in the nurse station is not properly arranged. It would be best if the hospital have medication carts to use by their healthcare professionals. Their workloads will be lessened and less tired because these gadget is very much helpful to them. Their things will be well place and they can attend the patient’s very well using this nice devices. Using this devices would make the workloads of the healthcare professional easy and better.

Selecting photos for the nephew’s tarpaulin

In two weeks time, the family is going to celebrate the first birthday of my nephew.  Because he is the first baby of my sister, the family is very much excited.   The nephew’s birthday is on December 25, 2011, that makes the sister and I a bit busy in the preparation.  This week, we are busy on selecting photos to put in the tarpaulin.  I thought selecting photos are easy, but it’s not because I have to consider that theme and the color of the tarpaulin that my sister wants.  Plus the photos of my nephews are too cute that makes the selections difficult…Smiley

I have four days left to finalize my photos selection.  I hope I can do it fast because the sister is a bit excited. Smiley I understand my sister’s feeling right now because she wanted the best for her son’s day.  And she wanted all things to be done a week before the event.  I am doing my best to finish things so that we can relax waiting for my nephew’s  big day.