Sick after the new year celebration

The weather is not so good last December 31, 2011. The city was experiencing scattered rain showers. The weather is so gloomy when I went to the nearest supermarket to buy something. Because I was in a hurry, I forget to bring my umbrella with me. It was a bit raining when I go out from the supermarket. I just walk under the rain to ride in the public vehicle to go home early before the rain pours very heavy. I was glad that the rain did not pour heavy. The family celebrates the New Year very happy. We were dancing, singing, eating and laughing. Smiley

Because I walked under the rain, the following morning I woke up with a flu. Smiley It is so unfortunate because I am sick on the first day of 2012. If could just bring my umbrella with me, I would not be walking under the rain. I am drinking lots of water and medicines already but the flu is still bothering me. I wish this flu will gone before my birthday. I do not want to be sick on my birthday. The cough and runny nose is really a bother to me. I so wish this will be gone soon. I was so happy celebrating the new year but sick on the first day. Smiley

Their bundle of joy

One year ago, this couple was blessed with bouncing baby boy. It was indeed a wonderful blessing from up above for he was born on December 25, 2010. First parents and they were so happy seeing for the first time their bundle of joy.


One year later, their bundle of joy is celebrating his first birthday. One year of blessings and happiness this little angel brings to his parents and now they are giving back those blessings by having a small party on the special day of their son. A simple one that was organized by my sister and yours truly. As you can see the are wearing the same color. It is the motif of his birthday. Visitors are advice to wear something green but not force if no color green found in their closet.

The small celebration went well even if it is rainy day. It was one memorable day for the couple and the birthday boy. Though he does not understand it yet, the photos that we took will tell him how fun is his first birthday. Soon when he grows a bit older, he will be joining the fun together with his visitors.

My Page Rank 1 Shirt

I was reading the thanksgiving giveaway hosted by Gagay, I am so excited because she will be giving away 10 PR t-shirts for the first ten entrants. I hurriedly make a post about the giveaway and submitted my entry. After a month, the giveaway ends and I am so happy because I was one of the top ten entrants. I really wanted to have a PR t-shirt that is why I am eager to join her giveaway. And since I am one of the top ten, I will be getting a PR t-shirt from Gagay real soon…( I want ladies shirt L size..)

Indeed, early bird catches the worms…

Personalized gifts for the family

In few days time, the whole world will be celebrating Christmas day. The much awaited holidays of the year because this is the season of giving, loving and sharing. I myself, love this holiday because this is the holiday where the whole family is complete. One common gestures during this season is the giving of gifts to the family, friends, relatives and special someone. The department stores are getting crowded buying gifts, groceries and many others. I am one of those shoppers who are looking for something to give to the family. I am done window shopping but have not decided yet on what to buy.

Buying gifts are very difficult especially if we do not have any idea of what to buy. I am thinking to give the whole family a very unique gifts. Something that they would love and will always remember me when they see and used it. I guess it is best to give them personalized and engraved gifts for each member of the family. Giving them the things that they love with their name on it is so perfect to make them smile. I am pretty sure it will bring smiles to their faces when they received such gifts. Now that I have an idea of what to buy, I can now shop to get things done to get it ready for Christmas day. Merry Christmas everyone!

They don’t accept cake order

The nephew will be celebrating his first birthday on Christmas day. We have two more days to complete the things we need for the little birthday party. We are almost done with the preparations. It was very tiring but fun experience. Yesterday, we went to Goldilocks to order a cake, but unfortunately they don’t accept orders on this month for the reason that their factory is a bit busy for the holidays. We went to Red Ribbon but they have the same reason. Smiley These two bread factory are famous in the city and they have bulks of orders during Christmas season. This is the disadvantage when the birthday falls on the month of December I guess.

We went home sad because we are not able to order birthday from Goldilocks. We will try again to another bread factory and I hope that there is bread factory that is not busy to accept out orders. I am crossing my fingers because the cake is very important to complete the birthday celebration of my nephew. Sad but we are hoping for the best. However, we can still buy cake on his birthday but without the decorations that we want. They can only put the happy birthday greetings. I think it is better than nothing. Next year we will order to make sure we have the birthday cake that we want. Smiley