No exact date yet

Last year, I have decided to reopen my small store at home. It has been three years now since I closed it. I do not have plans of reopening it again, however seeing the empty room attached to our house made me decide to start the business again. I spent thousand to build it and seeing it everyday makes me sad. I feel guilty to my sister who gave me money to build it and start my own business. I already told my father about it and I am glad that he will support me and will give a share. In times like today where economic crisis is rising, it is best if we think of something that will make our day-to-day living be fruitful.

I have thought about that products and merchandise that I am going to sell in my small store. I have set the amount to be invested and make a plan on what strategy I am going to take to make the business profitable. Smiley Though I am not expecting a big income each day, but having enough to cope up the day-to-day expenses is good. My plan is to reopen the store early this year, but was not able to push it through because the sister does not have a babysitter to her son. It would be very difficult for me to look at the kids and the store at the same time. Two days ago, the father asked me of the date that I am going to open the store. Unluckily, I do not have exact date yet due to no one will look after the kids. I have talked to my sister about it and they felt sad of the situation. I just thought that it is not meant to be yet. I will just wait for the right time. Putting up a business needs perfect timing and good plans to make it profitable. Since I do not have exact date yet, I will just keep my plans and think of many ways. By the time all is set, I am ready to make the business profitable.


Prescription Savings Club at Walgreens

Many are saddened after hearing the not so good news between Walgreens and Express Scripts. The two will no longer doing business together started January 1, 2012. This bad new upsets the thousand customers of Walgreens. This event is very painful to the affected individuals knowing that nowadays prescriptions are a bit high and getting benefits and discounts are very much needed. But because of this event, customers will find other pharmacy where they can get benefits. The most affected individuals are the military and their families knowing that the Tricare is their pharmacy insurance and happens to be the client of Express Scripts. And this is indeed a very difficult situation to the most affected individuals.

With this kind of situation, it is best if we have a better option in which we can get benefits. And because Walgreens loves and valued their customers, they are having an awesome offer like Prescription Savings Club at Walgreens Getting the discounts that they are offering to brand name and generic medications is indeed a big help to their members. This is a big help and this is what Walgreens wanted to give to their value customers.

To give you some more clarification regarding this matter, try to contact your local media about it. You can also check out Walgreens updates by following them on Walgreens on Twitter and following them on Walgreens on Facebook. Show your support to this pharmacy who only does things to help us.

Every Saturday, the family loves to watch movies on DVD. It is our way of relaxing and having a bonding after dinner. We rent at least five DVD’s to watch during the weekends. We like to watch actions and thriller movies. And, also cartoon movies for the kids to enjoy as well. We wanted to have the feeling like we are in the cinema that is why the brother will connect it to the sound system that we have. The speaker of the television will give us a very annoying voice if we are going to full the volume. This is the reason we are looking for the best sound bar that we can connect to the television to give a good sounds. The sound that is soothing to our ears and also we can understand clearly the sounds and the conversation while watching the movies. Having this would make the movie night of the family awesome because we definitely feel like we are in the cinema enjoying the wide-screen and awesome sounds effects.

Finding a good career

Nowadays, finding a good career is a bit hard because of the many competitors in a single job and career. It is best to know our ability and skills where we excel so that it won’t be a burden to us when we are already in the field we are choosing. In this kind of dilemma, knowing our own interest is a good way for us to take what we want. Like for instance if you are a mechanical engineer or any engineering professional, you can find a good career by searching at mechanical engineer careers. It is a wonderful place for you and to everybody who are still looking for a job that suited to their qualification and field of interests. There are various of jobs that are available to choose from. You will definitely have that career you are looking for. This will make the worries of the job seekers go away because this is the best solutions that they can get to get the job they are looking for. With just one click, patience and determination, applicant will surely get the best job ever. The job that they are dreaming of to have and to put into practice what they have learned from school.

Goodbye Flu…woohoo

I am not feeling well after the New Year celebration. I am affected by the sudden changes of weather. No matter how careful I am still I am affected by flu. I do not have a good day on the first day of 2012 because of the flu. I was not able to go to the beach with my cousins because I am not feel really well. I keep on coughing and sneezing. Smiley I stayed at home and get some more rest to feel better even just a little. I take medicines and drink lots of warm water. Drinking lots of warm water helps me to breathe normally. I am having a hard time breathing because I also have runny nose.arghs!

After taking the medicines and drinking lots of water, I am fine now and have the energy to blog again. For the past days I was not able to update all my blogs because I am not feeling really well. Now that I am okay, I am back to blogging and will be constantly updating my blog. I have lots of updates to do and by looking at all my blogs, I feel sick. However, it is fine with me because my blogs deserves more love from your truly. Goodbye flu and don’t you dare come back again. The weather is not so good still and I hope no flu will come to attack me. I have Vitamin C with me and water to keep me safe.