Important gadget in the business

To put up a business needs a lots of things to be done and considered to make the business profitable. Like for example if the business is about selling different goods and items. There are lots of equipment to buy to make things easy especially in inventory, putting prices, counting the quantity of goods to put on display. And one of the important gadget to buy is the barcode scanner to use in scanning the code to determine the price of the items. It will make the work easy, fast and accurate. This gadget is indeed very helpful in the business in this modern world.


My PR 1 Shirt


A month ago, I joined the birthday giveaway that was hosted by a blogger friend. She will be giving away ten PR shirts for the first ten entrants. I am so happy after reading her giveaway article. I so wanted to have a PR shirts that is why I make a post right away. Luckily, I am one of the top ten entrants and will get a PR shirts. Indeed, early bird catches the worms. Good thing I joined early after seeing it. Thanks Gagay for the wonderful PR shirts. Above is the shirt that I have won from joining Gagay’s birthday giveaway.


Choosing the right wedding band

When you have chosen the right person to marry it is very important to pick out a wedding band that will match your level of love. Some people think you should go out and get the most expensive. The most expensive usually are platinum wedding bands mens. These rings are made of 95 percent pure platinum. Platinum is the rarest precious metal, so you can image the cost of these rings are a lot. So for some it just isn’t practical to consider a platinum ring.

If you are like me and fall into that category you should know that there are other options out there. The most popular alternative metal is tungsten carbide. In fact a lot of men will wear a tungsten carbide wedding band. It just makes sense with the cost and the quality you get from them. Whatever the case you should find something you think looks and feels great.

Sweets for your sweetheart

As Valentines day is fast approaching, many are thinking of a wonderful present to their love ones. It is the one perfect day where we can show the love for them. Mostly, lovers and couples spend an awesome dinner date at their favorite restaurant. It is not a surprise to everyone because dinner date is given. However, you can make the dinner date a sumptuous one by giving yummy sweets for your sweetheart. Since shopping online is the trend nowadays, you can get an awesome treats online for someone with a sweet tooth. For sure the dinner date with your love one is memorable one for your sweetheart would surely love the sweets you are offering.


Feel sorry for my cousin

Two years ago, my cousin was diagnosed of a bone cancer. We felt sorry for her because she is too young to die. Well, as we all know cancer is a silent killer. She has an operation last year because her kidney was damaged and should be removed immediately. We are happy after the successful operation but she has to undergo chemotherapy to continue the treatment. Sad to say, her family did not want to spend money for chemotherapy. They just bought medicine for pain reliever which is not right. The other relatives wanted to help but her husband does not want it. Sad but we have to respect the decision of her husband.

Last Saturday the cousin was brought to the hospital for she is having some hard time to breathe. We visited her today and I felt so sorry for her situation. She is so thin and cannot breath clearly. We also know that there is lump found on her lungs and the doctor said that there is nothing more we could do for another operation might kill her right away. I know that everything happens for a reason but sometimes our decision affects our life. And this is what happens to my cousin. Her husband decision not to accept any help brought my cousin into this very difficult condition. Being angry won’t make the life of my cousin better. All we have to do right now is to pray for her because that is what she needed right now. Smiley