Efforts Rewarded

Every reading of honors and viewing of report cards, we always hope that the nephew will be part of the top 10 and have a nice grade. For the past two gradings, the nephew was not able to be part of the top 10, though he has nice grades, just that it is not enough to be awarded as one of the academic excellence awards. But we are not losing our hope and continue praying that the nephew will get this award before the school year ends. We challenge the nephew that if he will get high grades and make it to the top 10, we will grant his wish.

It was a good challenge I must say because the nephew made it to the top 10. I am so happy when I fetch him at school this afternoon, he showed to me his Academic Excellence Award. I am the happiest aunt indeed. Our effort was rewarded especially his mom who patiently helping him in studying his lessons and doing the school assignments. The mother (my sister) is so happy seeing the award that her firstborn got on third grading period. This is the first ever award that the nephew got this school year and praying that he will be part again of the top 10 on the fourth grading period. Congratulations JC, you make us all proud. Keep up the good works. It is a long way to go, nephew, continue doing good at school.

Thank you all for making my day special

Last January 24, 2018, I celebrated my birthday. I do not have any plans for my birthday because I do not have extra money. My plan was just to go to church, light a candle, give thanks to God for the gift of life and simple dinner with the family. To me, I am too old for party or feast. What is important is that I can attend a mass on my birthday. I received lots of greetings from family, friends, and relatives. Some are teasing me of when is the celebration, but sorry I do not have a feast on my special day. I am not used to it though. My birthday is like a normal day.

But my plans were changed because of my family. My older brother gave me money so I could buy foods for our dinner. He can’t come home, so he is just sending money. My brother gave me money too, and my sister bought my birthday cake. And the best thing is that my younger brother with his wife and son came on my special day. I am surprised I must say (teary eyes). I did not expect it because they live far from us and very busy with their business. It makes me feel so special for they give time to spend with me on my birthday. I invited two of my closest friends too. Thank you, everyone, for making my day a memorable one. Thanks to my family for the help and always there for me. And, thank God for the gift of life, family, and friends.

Andrei’s 5th Birthday

Indeed, time flies very fast. My nephew turns five years old. We had the simple celebration at their school with his classmates. He is so happy sharing the foods and the cake with his classmates. He knew that it is his special day because he keeps on saying that it is his birthday. Like the usual, his parents take a day off from work to spend time with him on his special day. We also have simple dinner feast at home with some invited friends and co-worker of his father. We decided not to have children’s party because of the tight budget. We just bought two cakes for him. One of his classmates and teachers to share and the other one is at home.

The celebration was nice. All the invited individual was able to come to celebrate with us. And as, usual, yours truly and my older brother were hired as cooks. Even though there is no children’s party my nephew’s day was still complete because of the cake and he blew a candle. To him, it will never be the happy birthday without the cake.haha! Well, kids are kids. A cake is the center of the attraction during birthday celebrations. I thank everyone for coming and wishing the nephew a very happy birthday. My wish to the nephew is that he will have good health, be a good boy, do well at school, be God- fearing person, and hope that he will pass the entrance examination at the school where his older brother is studying. I wish him good luck. God bless Andrei, we all love you very much!

January…my birth month

This month is my birth month. I will turn one year older this month. I am happy and thankful for another year of my life Lord. Thank you for the gift of life and family. There is nothing more I could ask for having a loving and supportive family. I have wished for m birthday. I wish of a good health, more blessings, and hopefully a love life this year. It is my greatest dream to walk down the aisle with the man who loves me and I love. I hope and pray to meet the man who is God’s gift to me.

Anyways, I do not have bigger plans on my special day. I am not used to having the extra special celebration since I am young. I will just to go the church, thank God for everything and for my life and then will have simple dinner at home with the family. Hopefully, my two bothers could come and celebrate with me. I am not expecting them to come because they are so busy with work and business. But, if they could come, I will be the happiest person in the world and my birthday would be very special and treasured because we are complete. Lastly, I pray that all my wishes will be answered by God.

Thanks for the presents

I meet this woman online when I started my blogging career. We both are the member of a particular group on Facebook. Never would I imagine that our friendship will grow like this because we have not seen each other yet personally. But as they say, same feather flocks together, that is why our friendship lasted longer than I expected. We communicate through social media. We call each other sis,(short for sister). I call her sis J, she is from the Philippines but now living in the US because she married a man from New York. That’s where our friendship started.

The last time she had her vacation in the Philippines, she gave me stuffed toys and chocolates. She is indeed a very thoughtful friend. A friend that you will surely treasure. I am so happy to meet someone like her. This year, she came back again for Christmas vacation. And got the unexpected present from her. I am surprised and happy knowing that she thought of giving me those wonderful presents. Along with this post is the image of the presents she gave me, minus the chocolates because my nephews and nieces are too fast eating it. The kids are so happy as well. Thank you so much, sis J for the presents. May God bless you and your family more. God bless your trip back to the US.