Cleaning the old picture frames

My computer table placed beside the rack where I put all the picture frames of the family. I always see it and noticed if the arrangement has changed. Looking at the picture frames reminds me that it has been three years since the last time I bought those picture frames. Since the kids are sleeping, I decided to clean those frames because the glass are blurry and needs to be cleaned. The pictures I seen in the picture frames reminds me of the old memories. It reminded me my passion before to arrange the family pictures, put it in the albums and frames. The area where I put the frames and photo albums is the family gallery. Smiley

While cleaning the frames I noticed that I need to buy new frames to replace the old ones. And also, new frames for the kids. The family is getting bigger I must say and made me smile seeing that the rack is running out of space to place the picture frames. Since I do not have the picture frames yet, I will look for the kids photos to put in the frames and photos of my in-laws. I like looking at the family pictures from time to time and will be added more photos in the near future.


Learning is Fun at Clipix

I am having some hard time in organizing my files online. I am so forgetful when it comes to saving it and sometimes forgot to bookmarked it especially if my mind is fully occupied. I do not have the patience in searching it again over the internet especially when the connection is so slow. This is the reason why I am looking for away where I could save the useful information that I searched online. Putting all in one clipboard would be nice because it is organized and I can go back to read it anytime I want. This problem of mine was solved by clipix. All I have to do is to save clip of my favorites in the clipboards. See the very useful video below.

So, what is clipix? This is site wherein you can use to put all the information you got from searching online. And also, a very nice tool for us to save the clip of our favorites. You can learn every thing from here by browsing your favorites and saving it here. Isn’t it fun? Indeed it is fun because you can have different clipboards as many as you like. Join now because it is free to join. You just have to sign up at and have fun clipping your favorites. It is fun because you can share your clipboards in Facebook and Twitter. Your friends can see it and if they want to comment, they can do it anytime. Cool right? Join now!

Above is the sample of what is in my clipboard. It is really fun because the files I have online are organized. I can make more clipboards soon for me to save more useful files. I will for sure share this to my sister for she also has many files online that needs to be organized. Do you have clipix account now? We can share what is in our clipboards and give our sincere and honest comments. The good thing about clipix is that we are learning and at the same time having fun.

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The Nipa Hut


The photo above is the Nipa hut that we stayed for two days last Saturday. It is very nice and so cute house cottage at the beach we went. And the lady in inside the Nipa hut is my sister. Said she will be the model so I took a photo of the Nipa hut with her sitting there and the boy on the stairs is her son playing the white sand. I didn’t know the nephew was there when I took the Oh well, too little to notice.

This Nipa hut reminds me of my life back when I was in the province of my parents. This kind of house is very common in the province where my parents were born. It is very memorable to me because it was the first time that I experienced to live in the Nipa house for a year. It was memorable because I am so scared to live in the house with lots of little holes. Holes that would make bad spirits and vampires will peek. Funny but it is true. I am so scared of those creatures. Whether is it true or not still I am so scared. Seeing the Nipa hut again makes me reminded of the time my siblings and I lives with my grandmother. And also, the Nipa hut is the typical house of indigenous people living in the country.

The Diva Bids Goodbye

The world is so saddened after hearing the news that the singer Whitney Houston died. I myself sad because she is one of my favorite singers. One of the best singers in the world because of the quality of voice that she has. I still remember the first time I heard her song “I Will Always Love you”. It was indeed a very nice sung by the best singer. As far as I remember, that was the song that made her known in the world. Well, I love all her songs and I am sure all love her songs as well.

The famous diva bids goodbye to her fans and love ones at the age of 48. Too young to die and there is nothing we can do but to accept and pray that she may rest in peace. Many are speculating the caused of her death is related to drugs but it is not proven yet until the investigation is finished. There are series of tributes are being made to remember her especially in the music industry. Her co-singers are sad because another great singer passed away. They are in the shocked mode but slowly sink in their mind that Whitney Houston is leaving the human world.

No one really knows when is our last time here on earth, all we have to do is always be ready and always say I love you to our loves ones each day.


Useful tool for winter season

During winter season, people are busy buying things that they needed for the said season. They shop winter outfits like jackets, boots, gloves, winter caps, pants and the likes. These are the things that are necessary for it gives a very warm feeling. However, we should not focus on the fashion side to buy in this winter season because there are things that are very useful to have during this season like snowboard rack. This is a must have tool in the winter season. This is to secure and make your snowboard and other equipments in order.