It’s time for reconciliation

The catholic believers are now in their Lenten season. The season of repentance, reconciliation and surrendering ourselves to God. This is the best season for us to bring back the relationship that has been broke because of misunderstanding, fighting and the likes. The churches are conducting series of seminars, recollections and reflections for us to lessen the hurt, move away the grudges and anger in us. I have participated in this act before and I can tell that these are the best tools to use for us to forgive and forgets. Living in hatred and grudges will not letting us moving on in life because we have unfinished business to settle.

This year, Lenten season has just started. And catholic believers are encouraged to participate the programs that the churches are conducting. This is the time of repentance and reconciliation. Let us not put grudges and hatred in our hearts. It is time for us to let go and talk to the concern parties whom we have misunderstanding. This is the best thing to do for us to live a happy and meaningful life. Having the feeling of hatred and grudges will never give us peace of mind because we know in our hearts that there is someone out there we caused pain or vice versa. Let us give some time to meditate and do what is needed to be done as christian.


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The light is busted

I was in the middle of doing my online stuff when the light in my room shut off. I am supposed to stay up late last night but was not able to do it because there is no light. I was told that it is not good to work if there is no light because it is not good to our eyes. I went to my brother who is sleeping to wake him up to check the light. The brother is trying to fix it but still the light is not turning on. After trying several times, the brother says is not working anymore we better buy a new one.


It is so untimely because I have lots of things to do in my blog especially the one I have just transferred. I do not like to stay in the living room because I saw someone watching me the last time I sleep late. I do not want to experience it again that is why I opted to stay in the room than in living room. Even if I do want to go to bed yet because I am not yet sleepy, I have to do it because it is hard to work with no lights. It is good thing I guess because I always sleep yet the past days. Instead of getting pissed off, I am thankful of what happened because I get to sleep more time last night and well rested.


Only God Knows

Few days ago, there are several robbery case in the city. One of those incidents happens here in the village where I live. So sad to know that the victims are shot by the robber. Around 9 in the evening when the mother and daughter was robbed on their way home. Worse is that the robber, shot the daughter’s abdomen. Untimely, but good thing the daughter is fine now and take some time to recover at the hospital.

One afternoon, their was a commotion happens in the village. One of the neighbor was arrested by the policemen because he was the prime suspect of the robbery case. It says, that the neighbor was positively recognized by the mother. Many are shocked when he was arrested because we could not believe that he did it. I personally know the guy, and I do not think he can do that such thing. Though he plead not guilty and said he is innocent of the crime. Still he was puts behind bars because the mother insist that he is the one who robbed them.

The policemen are conducting further investigation of the case. No result are being shown yet. Both mothers are crying for what had happened. I felt pity for the neighbor because I guess he is innocent. Many said that, but the policemen are just doing their job to clear everything. I hope that the truth comes out soon so that the case will be solved. And only God knows when is that day comes.


The nephew is bored


After his afternoon nap, I always bring the nephew outside to take a walk. Walking around the village makes him happy because he gets to see other things. I can feel that he is bored looking at the same things in the four corners of the house. He loves to walk and go outside the house especially when he hears the laughing and screaming of the kids playing outside. I can tell that he wanted to join but at his age he cannot. The nephew is one year and one month old. Too little to join the kids playing outside.

One afternoon after the nephew woke up from afternoon nap, he went directly to the door. As you can see in the picture, he is really bored and wanting to go out. But I am not feeling well plus the weather. Not good to go outside because it is raining. He is looking at me like begging me to please let him out because the kids are outside bathing under the rain. The bored aunt (me), find it cute so I took a photo of his boring look. I so love this nephew of mine because I can sense that he is smart and a very good observer.