The brother regretted it

Two nights ago I was having a conversation online with my brother. He left the house two months ago and no plans of getting back because he packed all his things. The conversation did not went well because the brother does not want to listen to any of us. Seems like his mind is already close for us. His mind is set for something that is beyond what he supposed to have. He had given up his job for not so good decision. The kind of decision that no matter how much we tried to understand it, it is too difficult to agree.

We do not want anything from him except his life to be in good condition, have stable decent job and hopefully will practice the course he finished. That is the point that we are trying to tell him. This is not for our own good but for himself to have a better job if ever he plans to get married. However, instead of listening the brother took our advises differently. He gets mad and even said that he regretted he went to school and finishes college. Mt goodness! He does not value the sacrifices that the father and my sister has to take for him to finish college. A very sad situation that the family is going through right now. I so wish that the brother will soon realized that we are have the point all along. I hope soon enough before it is too late. And also, he will realized that we are his family and we care.


Trying to eliminate the back pain

My back is aching for days now. I have difficulty is getting up early in the morning, sitting up and walk. This back pain makes my day miserable for days already. I wish I know how to eliminate this pain for me to move easily and do my chores and stuffs without feeling the pain. Too much facing the computer gives me this back pain I guess. Maybe I did not seat properly. This is the pain I get because of the wrong posture. arghs! In way this is my fault, and I have to do something to make this pain go away soon. Days of feeling this pain is like killing me. Smiley

I search for a home remedy solutions to eliminate back pain and I am glad I found some good points to do at home. The treatment that I can do at home to manage pain includes exercising, stretching my muscles, managing stress, eating a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water and getting plenty of sleeps. These steps indeed very helpful to me. I will for sure use this steps to free me from this back pain I felt. And also, I have to make some changes in my daily routine. I guess I am abusing my body a bit that gives me this pain to remind me that I neglected to give some time to rest and sleep.

Have the same pain like me and wants to eliminate it too? These steps might be a big help to you as well. Let us do it together and see the results.


My lucky blog

Woohoo! I won again. A few hours ago, I visited the blog where I joined the giveaway. I am so happy to see my name as one of the lucky winners. I am lucky indeed to be picked up as one of the winners. Well, I have been praying to win since the day I joined the giveaway. This blog is my lucky blog I can tell because I have won few giveaways using this blog as my entry. Stand by the subtitle blessings and gifts from God indeed. I cannot believe it though because there are so many entrants in the said giveaway. Well, when your lucky enough you will for sure win and bring home the bacon.

Since this is my lucky blog, I will be joining more giveaways and contests for bloggers using this blog. More winning for you baby.haha! Do not forget to bring blessings and gifts for me always. I also give thanks to God for this blessing and also big thank you for Gagay (the one hosting the giveaway) and to the sponsors of the giveaway. More blessings to come for you as well. Keep sponsoring and hosting more giveaways for us addict in joining contest and giveaways.


Must have in the camp site

Who loves to go on camping? Everyone loves I am sure. Going to camping is one awesome adventure to all of us. It is like having a short vacation away from our home sweet home. We can do many things while we are in the camp site. I remember when I was in high school I joined the three days camping at the school. It was really fun even if we are just inside the school campus. It was really fun to do and I wish to do it again with the family. I wanted us to go in the camp site and experience the fun with other people who are in the camp site.

When we thinking about camping, one thing that comes up in our mind is a tent. Yes, tent is important because it is where we put our things and where we can sleep. Since I am planning a camping this summer, it is best to look for a tent that the family could bring. I am searching and I am glad I found this Big Agnes Fly Creek. The size and the style is so perfect to bring in the camp. Haven’t seen this kind before and it is so beautiful. I am pretty sure that this would make our camping a great adventure. This is a must have thing to bring in the camp site.


Not good to bully others

The nephew who will turning three in July loves to bully his sisters and neighbor’s kids. At the very young age, he is like a pester to others. I do not want him to grow up like that because it is not really good to bully others. I do not want him to do it because I know the feeling of being bullied. As much as possible I want the nephew to be a friendly kid to others because no one wants to be friend with bully kid. I have noticed him being like this after days of allowing him to play with other kids outside the house. I am not saying that the neighbor’s kids are bad, just that some kids are not well guided by parents and some are really bully.

Partly, I know that the attitude of a kid gets first from the environment they grow up. And that parents and adults they live with played the big part of how they are interacted with other kids outside their home. This is what I know from our psychology subject at school. This is the reason why I am teaching the nephew and the nieces not to be a pester to other kids. I told then it is not good to bully others. For the mean time, I am not allowing the nephew to go out to teach him a lesson. I wish it will work out.