The DJ’s Bestfriend

Just a glimpse of my college days, I love to visit radio stations with my friends and sometimes my sister. There is a radio station near the school that is why when we have vacant time and no class, we will go there listening to music and requesting our favorite songs. That is one of the best memories I have during my college days. Well, I am sharing this because it brings back after seeing this Vestax Typhoon. I can tell that this sounds system is one of the DJ’s best friend. It is so reminded me of my favorite DJ back then. The DJ is one of the reason we keep coming back to the radio station. What? He just so good-looking. Part of my college memories.


Having my midnight snack

I have lots of stuffs to finished online. This only means one thing, I have to stay up late tonight. I am used to it though, but I think today I need to sleep early for me to not feel tired for tomorrow’s recognition day where the nieces enrolled. Midnight is one of the dangerous hours I think because this is the time that my stomach feels hungry and it craving for foods. Just right now, I am craving for burger. Perfect because my father brought a hamburger this evening when he arrives from the city. I am happy thinking that I will be having hamburger for my midnight snack.

I do not have to crave for something because I already have hamburger for midnight. Gosh! ruined my diet again. I really find it hard to control eating because I cannot stand the feeling of an empty stomach. I am done eating my midnight snack. I am now back to my writing mood. I wish I will finished this all. It is not easy though but I will give my 100% to do this because I won’t be on for tomorrow.


The wallet that endures

As much as possible, we do want to buy things that will last longer and of good quality. Buying a good quality of things is worth it because it will last longer and durable. Like for example if we want to buy a wallet that will endures, it is best to buy leather wallet. Very true because we do put stuffs inside out wallet like credit card, atm card, business card, pictures and many other small stuffs. And also, we do bring our wallet daily and anywhere we go. And so buying a good quality of wallet that will endures for longer time is a good idea. If I were to go buy a wallet, I will definitely go for the leather one because it is tried and tested that will for sure last for longer time. Added to that, leather wallet has elegant and classy designs.


Finished with honors

Once again, my two nieces did make us proud especially their parents. We heard the good news that they finished with honors while having dinner last night. They really did well at school even if it is new to them since they were transferred. They get easily cope up with new way of teaching, new lessons, new environment and new friends. They were confused at first and does not want to participate in the class, but they adjusted well. And now giving the whole family the reason to smile and makes us proud.

Their school recognition will be on the 28th and 30th respectively. I already bought my present to them as I promised to buy them shoes if they finished with honors. And they did! My bad. haha! Well, I guess what I did was a good motivation for them to do better at school to get a present from me. They are good kids I must say for they give me what I want them to get. Congratulations Ronna and Ella, keep up the good works. Long way to go and I am pretty sure that you will reach to the top because I know you can do it. God bless always.


Make your weekend and adventurous one

After the stressful day at work, we all deserved a break to unwind and have some time to relax. Because of the busy schedule at work, parents often forgot to spend time with the family especially the kids. The kids need the attention of their parents as well as their guidance. So to make it up them, it is best to treat the kids to an adventurous bonding this weekend. And the best place to visit is Canada. The country is celebrating the Canada day. It definitely would make your weekend an adventurous one. There are lots of things to do during this day that the kids would love. I am pretty sure that the stressful life at work will vanished because the country has lots to offer for everybody to enjoy. So, make a plan now and bring the whole family to enjoy this weekend.