His 65th Birthday


April 7, 2012 is the birthday of my dearest Papa. He turns 65 years old. It falls on the holy week that is why we did not able to celebrate on that day. Even though, we greeted him happy birthday and wishing him good health and more birthdays to come. My Papa is getting older, stubborn and irritated. Things that I do not understand sometimes that is why we clashed. I know I have to extend my patience because my father is getting older, but it is hard because he does things that is too difficult for me to comprehend. Sometimes the question ‘ Can I choose a father?’ comes into my mind. It is not good I know but anger brought me in that situation.

The cake is my surprise gift for him on his special day. I do not know if he is speechless or what because I haven’t heard any comment from him when I handed it to him. Mind you, this is the first time that I bought a cake for my father’s birthday. I am so grateful to God for giving me blessings in my blogging career. I never thought I would be able to buy cake for my father. It is simple but it comes from the bottom of my heart and wallet. haha!

Some of my blogging friends knows something about him. To those who hasn’t, allow me to introduce to you my dearest father, my bodyguard, my friend, my enemy, the reason I am alive till now and the reason I am here writing and sharing some thoughts. Happy Birthday Papa and I wish you good health and long life.

The nephew’s stunts

The one year old nephew makes me smile everyday. He is one active little kid I must say because he does little stunts every time he gets bored and in the mood to be funny. He is a smart kid I must say because he knows when I am angry, not in the mood and serious. Sometimes he hugs me, kiss me and ride on me when we both on the bed playing. The same thing when the kids of my brother is same as JC. Yes, JC is the name of my one year old nephew. The bubbly, moody, cute, stubborn and lovely JC. Below are the photos of him that I took.

Photobucket Photobucket

The first photo is him in the mood to just crawling and lying on the floor. I did not bother to tell him to stand up because he won’t. The second photo is when he finished drinking his milk and does his stunts. So cute, right? That is how JC entertains me everyday. Things that his parents missed because they both are working. I am fortunate to see JC’s development each day. I am pretty sure that this little fella will show more of his own stunts as he grows. So there, that is JC. The bundle of joy of the family and his parents.

My new bed sheet


The photo above is my bed wearing the new bed sheet with two pillow cases that I bought a week ago. For the first time, I go for the color blue one. My previous bed sheets were colored pink because pink is my favorite color. I choose color blue because it is my sister’s favorite color. Well, I just missed my sister lately. After she got married I missed sleeping beside her. This bed sheet will make me feel that my sister is with me still. By the way, she was with me when I bought this bed sheet. haha!

This bed sheet is another remembrance from the money I earned through blogging. It is indeed feels good to see the fruits of our labor, right? I thank God for the bunch of blessings He has showered on me. I bought what I like and want, helps the family and treat them to have lunch or dinner outside. It feels great to do those things for the family. They are so special to me and seeing their happy faces makes me so happy. And even great to see the things that I bought for myself after doing the hard works online. Working online is a bit tiring because of the time we are working but it is worth is to see the fruits of our labor.

To keep the bugs away

One of the hobbies that at SIL is doing now is to plant vegetables. Well, she do likes to eat vegetables that why she is planting on our backyard. She started planting three months ago. Just recently, she is visiting her small garden in the backyard to check if her planted vegetables are healthy and also to see if it is on the way of giving fruits. To her surprised, the bugs are eating the fruits and the other vegetables. She wanted to save the plants in the garden that is why the SIL is thinking of buying stink bug trap to keep the bugs go away from her plants. I can see the sad face of the SIL. She thought that her plants are growing healthy. After buying the bug trap, I am sure that her plants will grow healthy and will give her healthy fruits soon.


The proud father


The photo above is my older brother with his daughter. His daughter got with honors award on their recognition day earlier. He is the proud father I must say because of her daughter’s achievement the fact that she was new to the school. She transferred to new school for financial reason. Being new to the school is challenge to them because it is a public school. Too different from their previous school. The niece is a bit shy and I thought she would not make it. But she proved us wrong because she finished with honors. Congratulations Ella, we are all proud of you.