It’s good to see him smiling


The above photo is one of my bubbly nephew’s pose. I so loved to see him smiling like that. Gives me more energy especially if I am sleepy while watching them playing with his one year old cousin. See that smile? Lovely isn’t it? This is the smile that I missed for six days. Yes, six days because the nephew is sick after the great bonding at the beach a week ago. He was sick and was confined at the hospital because he was dehydrated due to too much discharging of water. The worries are gone now because the nephew is getting better and was discharge at the hospital this afternoon.

When the nephew enters the door this afternoon, I saw him smiling. I can tell that his energy is back and in the mood to play again. haha! He is looking for his cousin Jc right away. How sweet he is. It is really good to see him smiling once again. Welcome home Ronj!!!

Added great sound from his guitar

The brother loves to play guitar ever since he was in high school. Persuaded by his friends to play guitar that is why he is practicing on his own. Indeed when a person wants to learn something he can have it through the determination and eagerness to learn. The brother is so eager to learn on how to play guitar. He uses his free time learning on how to play guitar. In just two months he knows how to play guitar. After learning how to play guitar, the brother’s project is to buy his own guitar. He saves money from his salary until he comes up with the amount of the guitar he wanted to buy. He plays guitar almost every night when he get bored.

As the brother is playing his guitar, he get bored hearing the same sound from his guitar. He wanted to hear sounds from his guitar that is different from the usual sounds. He wants to make it more live when he plays guitar especially when his daughter is listening. Sometimes his daughter sings while he is playing guitar. This is the reason the brother bought an Emg for his guitar. The sound is different now especially when plays an acoustic music. I can hear great sounds from his guitar after putting up Emg.

Wanted to go home

Last night, I visited my nephew who was admitted in the hospital few days ago. I am not contented with the messages that the brother sent to me. I wanted to see in my own two eyes the real condition of the nephew. I also missed the nephew that is why I visited him together with my brother. When I entered the ward where the nephew is, I am happy because the nephew smiled at me. The sick and weak face of the nephew few days ago is gone. The black color surrounds his eyes is gone already. I am glad that the nephew is getting better. He was dehydrated when the brother and SIL brought him to the hospital.

I am talking to my SIL when I was there. I am happy to know that the nephew is slowly recovering. He is taking his medicines, vitamins, drinking his milk and eating. He is no longer vomiting and discharging of water is reduced to one from more than five times a day. While talking to his mom, the nephew always told his mother that he wants to go home. I bet he is bored lying in the hospital and seeing the same people inside the ward for two days. haha! He wanted to play I guess and missed his older sisters. Well, be patient nephew because you will be going home tomorrow. Just finish the remaining medicines and you will be going home after that. Thanks God that the nephew is getting better now.

Build a tough building using steel

In constructing a buildings, garage, storage room, industrial warehouse and much more is not as easy as 1-2-3. We should have to consider the kinds of materials that we are going to use to make sure it is strong when a natural disaster comes, we are still calm because it won’t break easily. Using of us steel buildings in constructing a building, warehouse or storage room is the best because it is made of good quality of materials. The building is surely tough and for sure lasted longer. This is the kind of materials that we should use for natural disasters nowadays are getting worse. We have to protect our property when disaster happens. Using steel in constructing a building is guaranteed to be tough when natural disaster attacks.

Friday the 13th: Bad luck or Good luck?

Many says that Friday the 13th is a not a good day to go out of the house. It said to be the curse day, and so going out is not advisable because there are lots of bad luck happens. Though I haven’t proven yet, still I do not going these days because I am afraid of some bad things that might happened to me. Whether this would be a superstitious or not, still I don’t go out. To me, it is best to stay at home because I am sure I am safe compared to be outside the house. I have been into this beliefs for years already. And I think this days is not really bad luck.

Today is Friday the 13th and I am going out. I was invited by a friend for a luncheon treat in celebration of her son’s first birthday. How can I refuse the invitation? haha! I said yes to my friend. After the luncheon treat, we headed to the nearest park to enjoy and spend some time there talking since we seldom see each other. Perfect place I must say because the kids can enjoy as well. They can run as far as they can because it is safe. Nothing really bad happens on that day for us. Instead it was a fun and enjoyable day for the celebrants and the visitors (only close friends are invited..shhh).

So, I guess Friday the 13th is not bad luck at all. There are bad incidents happens on that day in different side of the world, it does not mean that because it’s Friday the 13th. To me it is because some individual is not taking good care or some are not aware of what they are doing that does harm others. Bad incidents happens on this day is just co-incidence. Because accidents do happen anytime, any day and any place. We just have to take extra careful in our daily living.