All by myself

I so missed being myself. Going outside of the house alone, go somewhere and enjoying the day without the kids to watch and not thinking of the time. This is what I did yesterday. Yes, I went to a friend’s birthday celebration. Stayed there for almost four hours and decided to go to the mall after. I did have a good day at the mall. Doing the window shopping as usual and if I like a certain thing, I will buy it. Oh well, I am thinking of buying a new shirt for me. As a gift for myself after the working hard. In a way, it is like pampering myself. Though it is lonely to do window shopping alone, I took the advantage of enjoying myself while at the mall. It is seldom happens since I babysit my siblings kids. I always go to the mall but with kids. I missed going out alone.

After hours of walking and window shopping, I decided to buy a new towel for me. It has been two years since the last time I bought a towel. Instead of a shirt, I have a new towel as a gift for myself. So perfect because we are going to a vacation in two weeks time. I can used my towel because I am sure we will be going to the beach as often as possible. woohoo! Today, I went out all by myself. Lonely but happy because this moment is very rare to happen since I do babysitting.

Find the best deals of cars

Even though oil price hikes now and then, still there are people who wants to own a car. Owning a car is an advantage because it will free us from hassle in riding in the public vehicle. In this modern world, car indeed a necessity. Yes, it is very costly however, if we are to think of the advantages of having our own car it is worth it to buy. There are several brands of cars that you might have to consider in buying. Of course we have to make sure it is of good quality, nice features and it is so comfortable for us. But first to consider in buying a car is our budget. As much as possible we want to buy car that is very affordable and of good quality. Even better if we do get an awesome deals of the car are going to buy.

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Found my new inspiration

To meet someone whom will make me feel I am important and cared is what I am praying for. Someone who will give some more colors in my life except my family. It has been a while since the last time when I cried when someone got the nerved to hurt me. arghs! Well, it is part of life. I have accepted it, let it go and moving on because life must go on. One of the saddest experienced I had in my life. But I am able to bounced back through the help of my family and some friends. Angry, frustrated, depressed, and sad. These are the emotions I had when someone said goodbye to me. It is normal I guess, and I have expected it to happen because nothing is really permanent in this world unless that person is really committed and true to what he/she said and promised.

Anyways, past is past. What is important is the present and the future. I have learned from my past. I have been there, done that and etc. I am so glad now that I have found my new inspiration. Makes me feel important, loved and cared. I know we have just started and I am enjoying the happiness he brings. I know that anything will happen, and I am ready for the possibility that he will bid goodbye. However, I am praying he won’t. Only God knows what is in store for us. I just cherish the moment while it is here and hopefully this will leads to forever. May God bless us.

The sweeper at the park

PhotobucketOne of the noble job that I do admire is the street sweeper. To some this is a low profile job, but if we have to think about it, this job is a job that we should be proud of. Well, every job that done in a decent way is a good reason to be proud of. I am amaze by this kind of job because the fact that they get low minimum salary, this job is not easy for sweep not only facing the dust on the street, the garbage that they have to sweep coming from the people who just throw their garbage anywhere but also the heat of the sun.

Being a street sweeper is never easy. But sweeper does not mind the hardships that they have to take just to bring money for their family. The photo I shared it here is a photo of a street sweeper that I took at the park. The lady is passionately sweeping the big area of the park. Their job and their hands are the reason why the park is clean as well at the street. As a citizen of this country, we should be thankful to street sweeper for they have done a big favor for us. They are cleaning the mess that we just throw on the street. I do hope that we should be responsible and sensitive enough to throw our garbage at the right place. And where is that place is? I know you know where and what it is. Do help the street sweepers by throwing our garbage at the right places.

Recliner Chair for my Father

The first time I seen recliner chair was when I visited the province of my parents. It was my late grandmother’s recliner when she got very sick. The recliner chair was my late grandmother’s favorite chair to sits on because it would make her feel more relax. She can sleep longer compared to lying on her bed. I guess recliners is best to used to oldies so that it would be easy for them to relax their back. I am saying this because I am thinking of buying my father a recliner chair for him to use since he loves to sits in our little terrace in the afternoon. And also I also seen him fell asleep while sitting on the chair. It would be more comfortable for him if he sits on the recliner chair if he wanted to take a nap in the afternoon. I have been looking for different recliners online and offline. And I am more fascinated by the styles that the zero gravity recliners has. I already told my sister about since we will both paid the amount. I am glad she likes it. When the money will soon realized, the father will have his own recliner chair at home.