To check my dieting program

To lose weight is what I am aiming this year. Very difficult decision to make because I have to say no to those fatty, oily, yummy, delicious and sumptuous foods. As of the moment, I am on my dieting program. My diet program is to eat less, no rice at night and less rice on breakfast and lunch. It is never easy I must say because I am craving for the foods that I love to eat every time I am into eating mode. So far so good, I am able to control myself from craving fatty foods and refrain from eating much. I do not know if there is improvement in my weight because I do not have a scale yet to measure my weight. I really need it to check my weight to see if there is changes and if my dieting program is effective. One of these days I will weighing scale for me to keep motivated to continue my dieting program.

Back to no rice policy

When it comes to sustaining my diet program, I always failed. I blamed to the yummy foods in front of me. haha! Well, I just cannot say no to them. For the past two weeks, I always eat more rice. “Extra rice” as the others used to call it. I can tell I am addicted to eat outside every time I go out with my sister. I know I have to blame myself from losing control, I just can’t help the craving for foods lately. Nope, I am not pregnant. lol Just into foods these days. I guess my appetite is so high that always pushed me to eat what I like. sigh!

Anyways, I have decided to end my addiction of eating much. I have to go back to my basic. My basic is no rice policy. No rice at dinner and less rice during breakfast and lunch. I have to go back where I started once again. Well, over and over again because I have the hard time in sustaining it. I have lost my patience I guess. I do wish I can make it this time. I really have to do it because I do not have budget to completely change my wardrobe. haha! Crossing my fingers…I really do hope I can pushed this through till I get back my 26 waistline..whew!

Make sure your business is well protected

We have heard of many IT related businesses today. This is the business-minded people did to use the capacity and advantages of the technology today. We are more dependent to high technology that is why putting up a business like this would be a successful one. Putting up this kind of business is effective that is why many are planning to put up an IT business. However, this kind of business is risky. Same as with other businesses, getting the right insurance for the business is the right thing to do. This is to make sure that the business is well protected for the possible problems that may occur in the future. There are various of insurance to take for every business. For example your business is IT related, it is best to get an errors and omissions insurance from This will make sure that when problem occurs, the business well not be drain out because this insurance will help you not to lost everything you have put in your business. This insurance will protect you from losing your business.

Long hours of travel

Because we missed him so much, the sister decided to visit our younger who lives far away from us. Since the sister does have two motorcycle, we decided to just use it to get to the place of our brother. I am not used to riding on the motorcycle because I am so scared for the possible accidents. I have lots of negatives thought when it comes to riding on the motorcycle. But for my brother’s sake, I took the courage to ride on the motorcycle. It was a long travel and very scary for me because we have encounter trucks, buses, and many other vehicles. Plus the road is so slippery because it was raining when we went there.

I was like holding my breath because I am so scared. The very long travel was so stressful for me because I am not relax while riding. However, it was well paid off because we get to see our younger brother. We stayed there for 3 hours before deciding to go back home. We did have our wonderful chit-chats. It’s been a while when the last time we talk. Seeing him last Sunday makes me smile and feel relieved because I can see in his face that he is happy with his life and his decisions. We just wish him good luck and good health always.

His tools inside his tool box

The brother is a construction worker and a welder for years now. Within those years he has lots of tools in his tool box. From time to time he keeps on checking it to make sure all are intact because some of his friends borrowed his tools. That is why he is checking it to make sure borrowed ones are already returned. As a construction worker and welding, to have a complete tools like hammer, flyer tools, screw driver, wood saw, c clamps, hacksaw and many more. These are his investments from doing the job. He started with only hammer and wood saw few years ago. Now, he has lots of tools for he bought one tool every payday. I can tell that the tools inside his tool box are his valuable things.

For the mean time, the brother stops his job because he got sick. He is not allowed to do hard work according to his doctor. He is sad because he missed doing his job. He is just contented by just looking at it for now. Soon, when he is fully recovered he will be doing the job again and will be using his tools again.