She is now a license teacher

Months ago, a friend of mine is so depressed because she did not able to pass the examination to become a license teacher. She has a tone of disappointed and wanted to give up her dreams. As a friend, I always gives the positive side of every thing, how lucky she is and not to give up. I also told her that giving up means failure. In life there are things that is not so easy to have and get. Our patience and determination are test because we are going to meet several trials and difficulties along the way. Sometimes it discourage us to continue moving, but if we look at it, failures do make us a better and wiser person.

After second try, the friend did passed the examination. She is now a license teacher. I am so happy, and proud of her because of the courage, hard work and prayers are answered after seeing the positive result of the examination for teacher. Indeed quitter never wins and the friend of mine proved that. The result came out few days before her birthday. It is a wonderful gift that God has given to her on her birthday. Double celebration so to speak.

Good thing it has heaters

It was raining and very cold weather when we celebrated the father’s birthday last year. But still we pushed through the plan to spend it at the resort where there is pool as requested by the kids. Also, for the nephew to enjoy the water since he is not allowed to swim at the beach because of his sensitive condition. Despite the very cold weather because it is raining, still the kids wears their swimming attire. When we arrived at the resort, the kids go directly to the pool to swim. They were surprise when they touch the warm water from the pool. Oh well, kids are kids they are just so innocent to those simple things. They are so curious why is the water is so warm despite the rain and the cold weather. I just explained to them that the reason the water is warm is because of the electric pool heaters. The heater that puts in the pool to make the water warm and for us to not feel the cold. The pool birthday celebration of the father was a memorable one. Good thing it has heaters because the kids did enjoy the warm water in the pool.

Successful family escapade

After months of saving and waiting, the family escapade was realize. Yes, the family and I did have a wonderful time during our one week vacation. We did able to visit the other relatives both my father’s and mother’s side. It was a great feeling to see them once again after years of not visiting the province of my parents. Even a wonderful one because some relatives do still remember and recognized us. How nice of them to still remember us especially my grandmother who is 85 years old now if I am not mistaken. haha!

Anyways, I am so happy that the family escapade was a successful one. In spite of the gloomy weather still we are able to go to the places that we wanted to visit while at the province. Thanks to Pinx for she is the one who recommend someone to become our tour guide at the same time driver of the van we rented. It was a memorable escapade for the family. The first ever escapade that we did outside the city where we live. I thank God for the opportunity and thanks for the blessings in blogging. Through blogging I am able to buy things that I want and able to treat the family in my simple ways. I am looking forward for the next summer family getaway/escapade. In God’s perfect time.

Brighten up your bathroom

Just like any other house, the bathroom is also another place that we must give importance. Fixtures and effects need to be good and relaxing, because its also a place in our house that we share to our visitors and guests. When we are having a party or celebration we make ready of our bathroom so that our guests and visitors would not say anything bad. If we dont like to have a bad comments from our guests and visitors we need to make our bathroom lighting fixtures more fascinating to their eyes. Pleasing our guests and visitors are a really good feeling.

Now that we have the chance to make our own bathroom, I would really make the best out of it. I would really make sure that I would provide the best what it could bring. Especially bathroom ceiling lighting that give more effects to a certain piece in the place.

A lot of my friends, offer suggestions and comments. Each one of it, I am going to consider as long as it would give more effects to my own bathroom. I am really excited of putting it all into reality, I really can’t wait. For now I am just contented on keeping all my materials ready and fixtures that I’ll be putting inside my bathroom.

My mother’s 64th birthday

Today is the 64th birthday of my late mother. Although she is no longer with us, still we do celebrates her special day by visiting her at the cemetery and have a little feast at home. We believe that she is still with us that is why we do celebrates her birthday and counting her age. Every time her birthday comes, I felt sad because it reminds me of her and her teachings. My mother did taught us good values and taught s to become a better person. What I am now is because of my mother. Her absence at home was a big lost for the family, however, looking at the good things she has left for us made us decide to go on with love and move forward.

We went to the cemetery with the kids. When we arrived the kids did greet their grandmother a very happy birthday. They helped me cleaning the grave and pulling out the grasses that grows beside her tomb. I so missed my mother and always wish she is with us. I spoke to her about our travel and asked her blessings and guidance while we are traveling. I felt sorry she that will not going with us but thinking she is always with us feels good.

Happy birthday mother and I wish you were here with us. Wherever you are, you will always remembered and loved by us.