Proud of my nephews and nieces

Recognition day is the much awaited day of all the students. This is the day where the school year ends and the students will be given awards, merits, medals and ribbons for the job well done at school. Students with high school and excel at school will be rewarded. I must say all the parents are so proud of their kids. They are the happiest people on earth because their sacrifices are recognizing through their kid’s achievements at school. Their waking up early, sending and fetching their kids at school, helping them studying their lessons, projects, and the likes are being paid off.

I am saying this because my brother and sister are one of the happiest parents because of their kids awards at school during the recognition day. Yes, my nephews and nieces finished with honors and other special recognition/ribbons for this school year. I am so proud of them because of their achievements. Unfortunately, I was not able to see them receiving their medals and ribbons during their recognition day. I want to extend my congratulation to my nephews and nieces, good job kids. Long way to go, but we know you can do it. Keep up the good works. You all make us all proud. Congratulations!!!

Lovely crochet hair at BlackHairspray

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

When it comes beauty supplies, there is only one source that would help you in finding what you need. There is no need for you to go out and shop because you can do it at your home. You just sit down and browse the internet. Yes, this is what Black Hairspray is offering to us. They have the good quality of beauty supplies that women need. They got the wide selection of the best beauty supplies and hair care products. Plus, it is hassle-free for your order will be delivered to your doorstep. It is the perfect place to go and shop. So simple and easy to shop.

Browsing the site reminds me of my friend who is so in-love to curly hair after seeing this lovely faux locs crochet hair. This is the kind of hair that she wanted. I must say that it is perfectly done. I guess I know what to give her on her birthday next month. I have been thinking of a nice gift that she would surely love. I am picturing out her look the moment she will open and see my special gift to her. She will have the hair that she wanted to have but cannot find it at the salon she goes. A dear friend of mind deserves a lovely present.

Lunch date with my sister

It has been a long time since the last time my sister and I have our moments together. Since she got married, we do not have the time to go out just the two of us. I so missed having the time again when the sister and I have our bonding together because she has a family and the kids are her priorities. I understand that the sister busy with work and her family. We do have our bonding but with kids, so we do not have time to talk and share my thoughts and feelings. Oh well, just girly things.

Two weeks ago, my sister and I have our lunch date. We have our bonding without the kids. I am so happy that my sister gave time to be with me. We talked a lot as if we have not seen each other for years, knowing that we are neighbors.haha! My sister treated me to lunch at the expensive restaurant. It was very memorable for us because it was the first time that we dine in the expensive restaurant. We ordered foods that we rarely eat. After lunch, we went shopping a bit and then visiting our mother at the cemetery. It was indeed another memorable event in my life with my dear sister. Hopefully, we get to bond again. Thank you, sister, for the time and the treat. Love you much!

Bonding with my childhood friends

Friendship is a treasure that you should take good care of for once it’s broken, it is very difficult to fix. True friends are the gem and hard to find. A gem that brings colors to our life because of the memories you’ve shared. And indeed we should value them for they will always be there through good times and bad times. I am saying this because my childhood friends and I have our bonding moments after three years. Three long years but our communication through social media is always there. We have the chance to talk and makes our friendship stronger even if we have not seen each other for years.

Last Saturday, our first bonding after three years happens. It was fun and memorable because we talked a lot and reminiscing our memories when we were still young. Indeed, our past childhood memories are worth to look back. We spend the day talking, laughing, eating and shopping. Things that we missed to do. We are catching things up and I like it. It is really nice to spend time with friends and make new memories. Also, our bonding was a welcome back party to Ana who work overseas for two years. It is nice to see her again and see the fruits of her sacrifices working abroad. Thanks for the treat Ana, God bless you more and may God bless our friendship. Cheers to us Mary Chris, Ana, and I.

Short visit in Bohol

My father got a call from his cousin that the second payment of the land that’s been sold is already given. He was told that he can get his share anytime. Last time, his share was deposited in the bank, but this time, the father wanted to get his share personally because he wants to clear some issues, and also to visit the graves of his parents, brothers and other relatives. Like the usual, my brother and I go with him. My father is too old to travel alone. It was an abrupt plan but it went very well.

We stayed in Bohol for five days. A very short visit to our relatives and it is very memorable because we talked many things to our relatives there. Also, we were able to settle some issues regarding the share of the land that my late mother got from her parents. I am so glad that because of the DAVRAA, some schools in Davao does not the class for two weeks. That is why I do not have to worry about my nieces and nephews because their mother is around. I did have a good time in Bohol, I was able to rest a lot, have quiet moments at my grandparent’s place and went to the white sand beach. Ended, life in the province is relaxing and calm. I hope to visit Bohol again soon, but not a short one.