Great trucking navigator

The dream of owning a car one day is still there even though we failed four times in a row. We just thought that it is not the right time and the car that we plan to buy is not really for us. It is sad and disappointing because it does kill our excitement after we learned that the car is already sold. sigh! We just look at the bright of it so that it is not so painful. We will not give up, we still try to look and find a car for the family. And if having a car will realized, I will enrolled at driving lesson class for me to learn and eventually be able to drive our car since the father is a bit old. I will be the family’s driver in that case. And so for me to not get lost while driving and always on the right path, I will use great trucking navigator like garmin truck gps. This navigator does not only tells the direction where am I going but also tells alerts about traffic, road constructions and other incidents on the road. Great devices isn’t it? Oh gosh, I do hope we would buy our own car soon.

Sacrifice: Simple and meaningful

Sacrifice, is the God’s word for today. It is a very simple and meaningful word that we should think about. When we say sacrifice, it means pain, trials, difficulties and tears. The things that we do not want to experience. Who would want in a difficult situation? No one I bet because this situation is hard to handle. It needs lots of patience and love in their hearts to make a little sacrifice. To sacrifice for someone else is very difficult because we have to give way to our dreams to help and do favor to others. A very humble decision that God loves us to do to our love ones, relatives, friends and to everybody.

I did my reflections after hearing the gospel of today at church. Makes me think of the sacrifices that I made in the past. My sacrifices were not enough I bet compared to what God has done for us. Jesus is the best instrument and inspiration in our life. He is the perfect example of the word sacrifice. He has done many things for us, even His own life. Thing that we human cannot do. However, we can make sacrifice to others. All we just have to do is to think of how blessed we are and fortunate we are. We then can start doing good things to others. Nothing compares the happiness in our hearts when we can help others. Sacrifice is simple words but meaningful because giving up of something to give it to others is a very difficult. God bless us!

Items to put in the loot bags

Few more weeks and the nephew will be celebrating his 3rd birthday. Just enough age I guess to have his first birthday party. Yes, this will be his first birthday party because we opted not to have it during his 1st and 2nd birthday. We wanted him to enjoy his first birthday party that is why we decided to have it when he is a bit old to understand what is going on. Good idea isn’t it? haha! I am pretty sure that he will love his party next month because the family is thinking of giving him a little surprises.

When we think of a birthday party, one thing that kids are more excited to receive the loot bags that is given by the celebrant because of what is inside. Kids are aware that they will get candies, tiny toys, biscuits, stickers, chocolates and lot more inside the loot bag. And because we are planning of having simple birthday party for the nephew, I am thinking of buying Penny Candy to put inside the loot bags. Seeing this item inside the loot bags will make the kids happy and smiling.

Expecting another angel

To conceive a child is one of the greatest gift that God has given to women. However not all are bless enough to bear a child inside a women’s womb. And that is the sad part of a women’s life. But still life must go on because life is beautiful to enjoy for life is a wonderful journey. Oh well, I do not want make my readers sad and feel lonely about the sad part of women’s heart. I am saying this because my sister is so blessed because she is now conceiving her second baby. Yes, you heard it right. The sister is expecting another angel to bring smiles and happiness in their house.

The family is expecting another angel to added in our family tree. I am so happy after the sister told me the good news of her pregnancy. She is one month on the way. Woohoo! I so love babies. I will be accompanying the sister to the doctor. The same thing when she was expecting her first baby. My excitement is double compared to my sister. haha! It seems like I am the one who is conceiving a baby. Very funny but it is true. Well, I just so love to take care of a baby and carry it on my arms.

Once again…congratulations to my sister. Be safe always…I love you.

Bring warm ambiance at home

In a country where there is winter season, to have a fireplace at home is a must. It is to bring warm ambiance at home. It would be more comfortable to stay at any part of the house because of the fireplace. I presumed we all have seen kinds of fireplace in the market, but there is new style of fireplaces that is not so expensive and that would match in our house. The designs are fabulous that would surely fits to your homes. This electric fireplace is the popular fireplace today. It is safe, clean and will not harm the environment. Try this one and experience the warm and comfortable ambiance at our own home.