He wants her to carry him

After the sister learns that she is pregnant, she seldom carry her one year old son because he is a bit heavy. I can attest to that. Sometimes I get so tired carrying him at home or every time we went to the mall or go out. The sister is refraining herself from carrying her son because her condition is not good. She feels like fainting sometimes, vomiting and sometimes her abdomen is aching. She went to the OB and told the OB about the abdomen pain. She was told that her womb is contracting and it is not good for her is she carries heavy things. If possible she would get lots of rest for the first trimester. After that, her condition will be better.

Every time the sister gets home from work, her son is very much excited. He is like running around the house, smiling and even crawling on the floor. I can really tell that he really misses his mother. Unfortunately, his mother cannot carry him like she used to do before she got pregnant. She just give her son a hug and kisses. But seems like he is not contented with that because he wants his mother to carry him. The sister will just said that she cannot carry him for now. And because he is young and cannot understand , he just cry aloud. Poor littler baby. I wish he is old enough to understand. I just carried on his mother’s behalf. haha! Just wait for few more weeks JC and your mother will carry you.

Keep the faith

As usual, I started my Sunday by going to church early in the morning. It is my way of saying thank you God for the gift of life, blessings, and good health. Going to church is not an obligation to do, however, it is right to give thanks to the person who gave us lots of blessings in life and that is God. When I wake up early this morning, I felt lazy after hearing that some member of the family is not going to church. My sister and her family will attend the 10:00 am mass. I felt guilty after telling my father that I do not want to go to church because the mass will only take an hour. It is so unfair if I will not give that precious hour to God and listen to the His words at the church.

It is good thing that I decided to go to church because the gospel for today is very touching. The ‘keep the faith’ gospel is so perfect to everybody. I said it is perfect because there are lots of trials, difficulties and hardships that people are facing now. Things that will weaken us especially those whose determination and willingness is not that strong. Some do give up and some continue moving. Life is so beautiful whether it is good or bad. It is the matter of handling it the right way. We do felt like giving up but if we keep the faith in God and ask for guidance all will be fine. We may not receive the answer we wanted right away, but knowing that we keep holding on and believing in God all will be fine. Just keep the faith.

In her two months

The sister is now two months pregnant. The first trimester that she doesn’t like because she has this morning sickness and her body is always tired. Even is she wants to just stay in the house, lay down and get some rest, she cannot afford to do it because she needs to work. She told me that her condition now is worse that her first baby. But she is able to manage it just that when she get home from work, she is like flat tire. Though this won’t last long because after her first trimester, she will get better and no more morning sickness.

These are what the mother has experienced in her pregnancy period. Things that treasured and cherished because the baby and mother bonding happens. Nine months are not easy but awesome experience of every mom to be. The sister is in her two months now, long way to go because she has seven months left before she will give birth to their second baby. The family are excited and wish she will have baby girl this time. I do hope that the first trimester of the sister will end soon so that no more morning sickness so that she can have a bonding with her first baby. The son that always wants her to carry him when she gets home from work. Once again, congratulations sister!

The mentor and the protege’

DSC03657Currently I am babysitting my two nephews here at home. Their parents are both working and does not have nanny yet. Since I am just here at home, I am the one babysitting them. They makes my day busy, tiring, irritating, funny and enjoyable one. Yes, I have those things almost everyday depending on their mode. The two nephews ages one and two years old. Their ages speak of how tiring and fun my day is. Tiring because they make the house messy, crying, yelling, fighting and much more. Also it is funny because they are both bubbly and so cute to listen to their baby talks.

The image I shared here is the photo of my two nephews. I call them the mentor and the protegĂ©’ because the one year old always imitate what his cousin is doing. He is a good imitator I can say because this young fella does have a good memory retention. One of the things that makes him cry is when his older cousin, spank him or pushed him away because he keeps on following. It irritates him I guess but so cute to look at. As of the moment, their activity is wearing the women sandals at home. arghs! Even though they always fight, I can tell that these two cuties will be good friends forever. And maybe sharing of secrets when they grow older.

The job that supports his family

One thing to recognize a blogger is when they are taking pictures anytime and anywhere. Bloggers do love to captures nice spots, and interesting things they have seen on the road, malls, parks, and other places to share something about the captured image on their websites. And that is what I am doing every time I go out of the house. And the image I shared is what I saw when I went to the beach with my sister and her friends.

We were riding on the motorboat on our way to the next island (as you can see the silhouette), when I thought of taking a photo of the man who controls the direction of the motorboat. When the boat is on the right direction, this man immediately turn on the motor. I get the chance to talk to this man after he sits down in from of the motorboat. He has been doing this job since the day the resort started to operates. I am amazed when he told me that his job supports her family financially. What a noble job I must say. He didn’t bother the heat and the waves everyday. To him, he is doing this for his family. Kudos to this man for his job is one of a kind. Something that we should be proud of. For without him/them, we cannot reach to the resort.