The meaning of colored candles

The Baclayon Church was one of the places in out itinerary last summer escapade. It is one of the oldest church in Bohol, Philippines. I have heard so much about this church that is why I am so eager to visit the church one day. True enough, I did visited the church last summer. I am so happy that at last I get to see the beauty and miracles that the church’s has. When I am about to enter inside the church, I saw a big banner with colors and writings. When I look at it closer, I saw the writing ‘Meaning of candles”. Awesome right? There is a woman here sitting and selling different colors of candles. It is up to you what you think is the best color to choose. But you have to read the meaning first because it does help.

Before I read the writings about the meaning of candle, I already knew what color to pick. I go for pink because pink is my favorite color. When I read the meaning of the pink candle, I smiled because it fits for me. I then light the candle, utter some prayers and then go inside the church. It was a very nice experienced to visit the oldest church. I do hope I will be able to come visit again the Baclayon church.

See the meaning of the pink candle? That’s my pick. What about you? What color you think is best and fits to you? Read the meanings and start lighting of candle now.

Perfect for your twins

One of the most happiest moment to every married couple is when they are expecting a new member of the family. A little angel that would complete the family and angel that brings joy and happiness in the family. It is a gift from God to married couple. Having one is enough to thank God for the wonderful gift, how much more if the couple is expecting twins? Awesome right? The expenses are double because they have to buy things for the babies. But it is worth to spend, right? Since they have to buy double, I think this Mountain Buggy Duet is perfect for their twins. A must have for sure so that when they the parents go to the park or mall they will no longer carry them. They just bring this stroller and the twins or the baby will enjoy riding.

Fingers are aching

I have lots of writings to do and my fingers are aching. arghs! Well, this is my fault because I ate beans. I do not know if this is really true, but I have an arthritis and every time I ate beans, its aching. Before it was my knee aching, lately my fingers. The part of the body that I need to take part very badly because of the loads of writings to finish. No pressure though but I am hoping to hit the cut off day on Monday. I am taking my time, typing and resting to relax my finger a bit then back to work. I felt so sorry for my fingers but I really need your service. I am half way there, so please bare with me.

I promised to avoid eating beads because it is me who suffers the pain. I do not drink medicine because I do not want to be dependent on it. I just wait till the pain is gone anyways, the pain is bearable. I just drink vitamins and foods with lots of calcium because I think I really need it. Hopefully this pain will go away tomorrow so that I can finished writing before the cut offs. I hope I can do it. Good luck to me!

In addition to your collections

There are people who are into collecting different items like post cards, stamps, shoes, bags, stuffed toys, and many others. They even travel to places just to get the very unique item to add in their current collections. I admire these people for the time, efforts and patience they have incurred just to get the best item in the world. Collecting items takes time and money, but it is worth it after seeing those you have collected. This is makes the collecting items more interesting and challenging. If you are collecting certain item, try to have this military coin in addition to your collections. This item is unique and worth the time to spent. You will see the kinds of coins from around the world. Isn’t it nice? If I have a chance, I for sure have this as one of my collections.

She loves to go to fortune teller

I have a friend loves to go the fortune-teller. She goes there every time she is confuse and wanted to have at least an idea of a certain things. She goes there especially if she wants an answer about her current love life and career in life. There is nothing wrong about it I guess, because at some point it makes us aware of somethings. Also, we can get idea of what should be done to have and get what we wanted. There are lots of people who believes in fortune-telling that is why they go visit psychics and asking questions about their love life, career, job and business if they be successful in these fields.

Going to fortune-teller is not for free. My friend has to pay money every time she go to the fortune-teller. She told me it is worth it because she is satisfied with what the fortune-teller is telling her. Because she has to pay money every time she go there, my friend stops going there for now. Times is really hard that is why she set aside going to fortune-teller for a while. She misses going there especially if she is confuse of certain thing and want some answers. But she has to control because she does not have extra money to pay for the fortune-teller. Good thing there is available free psychic chat online. My friend can talk to psychics anytime and any day she wants at home.