Lucky Friday the 13th

Yesterday was Friday the 13th. The day where many were scared of including me because of the so-called bad luck that will happen. I used to believed that this day is really bad luck that is why I don’t go out to keep myself safe. Though I haven’t heard bad things happens that connected to this day, still I am scared. For me, prevention is better than cure. So yesterday, I stay at home with the kids. No reason to go out somewhere though. I do my online stuffs because I got writing jobs to do. It’s just arrived and I am so happy.

Anyways, my Friday the 13th was a lucky day. I received payments and writing jobs. Woohoo! Another cents to be added in my saving account. Thank you advertisers, friends and God for this wonderful blessings, as always. I pray for more blessings to come. Also, the members of the family got home safely especially the kids who came from school. With prayers and faith to God nothing bad will happen to us. Just keep believing in Him for He will guide and light our ways always.

How about you? How does Friday 13th to you? I hope it is all good luck! God bless everyone!

To keep in touch with customers

The life and existence of every businesses are their customers. It is the customers and clients who are patronizing the products, goods and services of every businesses. They are the most important person for the business to grow and be profitable. Without customers and clients the business won’t last long. That is why it is important to keep in touch with them to know the feedback after the purchased or services rendered. As a business owner, getting information of every customer is essential for future use. Like letting them know if your company offers great deals and have new products that they might like to try.

Having the list of all customers and clients makes the job of letting them know about the new products and services offered and great deals easy. The marketing email lists of customers and clients does help in keeping in touch with them. Sending them email one time and letting them know of great deals will definitely boost the sales of the company. This is one way of advertising the company. But there is an advantage in using email list because the message will go directly to the prospects and to the old customers and clients. This is very effective way of advertising. So, to all business owners try this one and make your sales double.

Start building website now

In today’s modern world, we can see kinds of websites online. It can be personal, business, online store, diary type, for collections and much more. It allows other people from different walks of life to see your website and see what you have and offers. This is the advantages of the modern technology. Shopping and purchasing online made possible using this technology, we just have to open a particular website or websites were we can see lots of stuffs and hopefully find what we are looking for. So, if you are thinking of putting up your own business, try to create a website of that. Just go to the easy website builder and create your own website for free. Make your proposed business to others by having your own website. Start building website now and invade the world-wide web way of advertising your products and goods.

Having some fun

One thing that I want to see about my two nephews is for them to become friends, not fighting and not hitting each other. I want them to be best buddies that is why I keep on telling them to love each other. They do follow me when I say kiss and hug each other. I can tell that my nephews are very loving kids. They sometimes surprised me by kissing and hugging me. They both made me smile always. I am so lucky because I get to see them growing and see their development each day. One morning after taking them a bath, I let them play in the living room while I am busy with my online stuffs. I heard them smiling and having fun. I hurriedly get my camera because I want to capture this moment of them having fun.

The images above are my two nephews. Ronj said that Jc is riding a horse. So, I supposed he is the horse. It is so cute to see them playing and do the bonding. I wish that they will be best buddies till they gets older. They may be fighting at times, but it is part of them growing up. Fighting I guess is like a spices of their friendship. I love you both Ronj and Jc.


He will surely love this one

A friend of mine loves to play guitar a lot. I have seen him practicing 24/7. He even forgot to eat sometimes because he is into it with it. They said that the best piece to start to if you want to play how to guitar is your favorite song. That is why a friend is getting the chords of his favorite song. I saw the eagerness and determination in his eyes. He is really into it. It won’t be long my friend will learn how to play guitar. I am so right, because in less than a month he can play the guitar. He mastered the chords of his favorite song. Now that he knows how to play guitar, his next project is to buy his own guitar. He is searching for the nice guitar online and offline. And I guess he hasn’t seen this gibson thunderbird cherry yet because he is still in search of a nice guitar to buy. I might as well tell him about his guitar. He will surely love the style and quality of this guitar.