Thinking of pursuing it

It’s been a while since I decided to stop learning how to play guitar. I just lost the energy and motivation to continue doing it. Maybe because I do not get the right strumming of strings. I don’t even understand the sounds of the guitar I played. There is something wrong with my strumming and the positioning of my fingers. I know it takes some time and patience to be able to get it right and that I do not have at that time.

Just recently, I heard my brother playing his guitar. Listening to him brings back the memory when I am practicing how to play guitar. The eagerness in me to learn is still there and I wanted to pursue it this time. I think I need to have more patience, determination, willingness and of course nice guitar to make me inspire me. haha! If I have a nice guitar to play, I guess I’ll be more inspired to practice on how to play guitar. Since I do not have guitar yet, I thought of visiting the Zvex Fuzz Factory guitar center. I am pretty sure that I will find the guitar of my choice and the guitar the fits to my personality and me being a woman.

Foggy and Rainy Travel

I’ve always wanted to join this meme since the day it’s started. However, I am hesitant because I do not have a nice image to share. I have seen the entrants and their photos are really nice. That is why I did not bother to join. I got an invitation from the host this month about joining this meme. So here I am with my first ever entry for 366 BPC.

Anyways, the photo taken two months ago during the summer vacation of the family. Our foggy and rainy travel to Chocolate hills, in Bohol. The rain was heavy but it doesn’t stop us from seeing the Chocolate hills. Very cold and windy but still a memorable one because we able to see the famous Chocolate hills for the first time. Even it is foggy and raining, still the I got a good capture of the hills.

I am sharing this post to 366 BPC @ Pinay Sahm.


I want this as a gift

It is like yesterday when the world celebrates Christmas and New Year. Now, we are half way there. Five more months and we will be celebrating Christmas and embracing New year. How time really fly so fast nowadays. Anyways, I am saying this because some people at this early, buys gifts and presents that they will give to their love ones. At this time also, various of items on sale at the malls and department stores started. In fact, I am doing my window shopping already of what would be the nice gifts that I could give to my family.

Giving gifts during special occasions like Christmas is showing the love and care we have to our love ones. It doesn’t matter whether is it expensive or not because it is the thoughts that counts. If someone would asked me of what gift I would like to receive, I would definitely say the flip cameras. Why? Because I am a frustrated photographer and I want to capture every moment of my life and capture interesting objects, scenes, spots, and adventure I see and experience. So to my friends and love ones if you think of giving me a gift, you know what I wanted to have. Thanks is advance. wink

The birthday girl

This is Ronna, my niece who turns nine today. The eldest grandchild of my father and the cry baby. haha! I say she is a cry baby because she cries when she did not get what she wanted. She cries when she commits mistakes and she cries when you said you will spank her. I guess she has lots of tears to shed for nothing. lol Even so, she is still one of the family’s baby. The one I used to carry and not almost turns into a lady. Believe it or not, she loves to face the mirror, make her self presentable and always conscious of what she wears. Though there are times the child in her comes out.

The family decided to celebrates her birthday at the pool as she requested. Also we want it to be different this time, since there are four of them celebrating their birthday on the same month. We used to celebrates her birthday at home. So making changes this time is a good idea. This chocolate cake is the birthday gift of my sister to her. The birthday celebration was a blast. The kids enjoyed the water in the pool and adults at the beach.

Happy Birthday Ronna! I wish you all the best in life, good health and be good girl always because you’re becoming a bratty. whew!

He turns three today


The very cute little fella above is my nephew Ronj who turns three years old today. Times really fly so fast. It was like yesterday when I carried him on my arms. Now, he can run, argue, bubbly, and messy. whew! He is very much excited that it’s his birthday today. He keeps on bugging his grandfather and me to buy his ice cream and cake. He even checked the wallet of his grandfather. He said, ‘ he wanted to see the money allotted for the cake and ice cream’. lol

Early this morning, I greeted him after he woke up. He is asking for the cake so I gave him 20 pesos. He smiled and tell his father he can buy now a cake on his birthday. Innocent mind isn’t it? Anyways, Happy Birthday Ronj. I wish you good health and be a good boy always. Also, refrain from yelling. Okay? God bless you always!