Have a classy fireplace

In every home in western countries where there is winter season, having fireplace inside their house is essential. This is to warm up the house when the weather is freezing. Also the fireplace helps us feel comfortable and not chilling during winter. As we all know, we find it unease to move when we feel the cold weather and feels chilled inside our body. We are shaking when we feel cold right? That is why we need to have fireplace to warm us up. There are different kinds of fireplace and sizes. It depends on the area you have at home and the style of house you have. You can definitely pick the style and size for a fireplace.

If you ever think of doing a little renovation of your current fireplace, there is website that would help you in deciding what fireplace suits in your home. You can visit the website anytime and take a look at the nice fireplaces they offered for everybody. If you want a classy one, you can find it there. Name it and they have it for you. I am pretty sure that your fireplace would look classy and beautiful. With the kind of designs that fireplaces has, it will add more decorations at your home. Also, you can order the sizes you want of the design you like. So, if your thinking of renovating your fireplace do it now because winter fast approaching.

Giving back the favor

Back then when I do not have work and I stay at home, it was my older sister who gave me lots of things and money. She is very kind to me. Every time she give me something, I always put in my mind that one day I will give back what my sister has gave me. My sister is not expecting me to pay back the things that she has given to me because to her it is better to give than to receive. But I think giving back the favor is one way of saying I do care and I appreciate the things that she has done for me. I am so lucky to have a sister like her.

Anyways, I am saying this because my dream to give the sister presents come true. I am now earning and giving my sister things that she deserves. Not all though. Just the things that I can afford to buy. Since she is my inspiration, my best friend and my supporters, I am sharing to her the blessings that I have received from blogging. She believes in me and always there to give me strength and encouragements. Without her, I do not know I can go this far. These are reasons why I want to give back the favor that the sister did for me.

More than Just Albums Can Go Platinum

by Maria Hammel

The use of platinum in jewelry has become quite popular over the years. It has also become quite expensive. There are ways, though, to achieve the platinum look without incurring the platinum price. I have a few ideas for those who want to try their hand at making their own jewelry.

If you have some scrap platinum at your disposal, first consider yourself lucky. As I said in the beginning, this is an expensive material to use for jewelry. Having the ability to use platinum to make custom jewelry is something most jewelry makers love!

The first really easy idea for making something from your scraps of platinum is to use metal cutters to cut postage size or larger pieces of the metal. Once you have the pieces cut to your preferred size, you can bang them with a hammer. This will give them a dented, wavy look. You can stop there, and have a perfectly gorgeous, perfectly original piece of jewelry that you can attach to your favorite chain (once you punch a hole in it, of course). Or you can glue a pin to the back of it and wear it on your collar or favorite jacket. There is glue specifically designed for making jewelry with metal.

To spice up the plain platinum look, you can do so many things. One idea is to use thin platinum wire to wrap around the postage size piece of platinum. To add a little pop of color, you can use copper instead of additional platinum as the wrap. Dress up the piece even more by adding small beads to the wire you used to wrap your piece of platinum. You can make anything from an art deco piece of jewelry, to something that is very plain and simple to go with your casual outfits.

You don’t need to stop at necklaces or pins to use your spare materials. You can cut small pieces, glue beads to them, and make dangling earrings. You also can cut thin strips of the platinum and use small pliers to shape them into ear cuffs that serve as funky earrings. This is a great way to be able to wear earrings if you don’t have pieced ears. It sure beats having your ears pinched all day by clip earrings!

On a very practical note, platinum is a great metal to use if you have allergies, or if someone for whom you are making the jewelry has allergies. This metal tends to cause the least amount of allergic reaction. This is a great option for those of us who, as we get older, develop sensitivities to metals or other materials used in jewelry making.

So don’t throw away any of your pieces of scrap platinum. Put them to good use by making original, economical jewelry that you can wear, or give as gifts. You might also want to pair up with a friend and share your platinum and other materials to help you create a wider selection of jewelry! Have fun going platinum!

Four more months

Oh yeah! Four more months and we will be celebrating Christmas and embracing the New year. Aren’t you excited yet? Well, me I am! I am so excited to these two special holidays because the world are celebrating. This is the seasons of giving and sharing the love and care to each other. That is why we do our best to give something to our love ones, relatives, friends and neighbors. Giving and sharing the blessings that we have received all throughout the year is shown in this season of giving. That is why as early as today, others do shop for presents that they could give on holiday season. And if you were thinking of giving a unique and personalized presents, go for photo holiday greeting cards. You can put your family picture with nice greetings on it. Or make a design that would fit to the one receiving the card. Isn’t it awesome? I am pretty sure that the one who receives this holiday cards greeting would be very happy and smiling.



Do you have celebrity look-alike? Well, I do have. See the image above and do make a comment. haha!

I was checking messages and update in Facebook when I saw a friend having a celebrity look-alike. It is cute and cool that is why I open the link and see if I have a celebrity look-alike too. After the loading is done, I am surprised that I do have a celebrity look-alike. And she is no other than Hilary Duff. Really? Is this true? I hope it is. haha!

The similarity is 84% which is so cool. I am smiling looking at the photo of Hilary Duff and I and check of the similarities. Well, we both are girls so that is 50%. haha! I enjoyed watching this image and share it here to let you know that my face is not only local but can be international too. wink! Try at your end and see if there is any celebrities that looks like you. Though this is just for fun, I am enjoying it and loving it. I wonder,, do I really look like her or Hillary Duff look like me? What you think?