First look of the family’s angel


This is the image of the angel inside my sister’s womb. This little one is four months old. Also the reason I arrived late and did not witness the full activities of the parade and dancing on the street last Kadayawan Festival. For two years in a row I did not see the celebrations in the city. I go with my sister to the clinic where she will be having her first ultrasound for her second baby. Anyhow, I am happy because I get to see this lovely little angel that will soon see the beauty of living in the next five months. Gosh! I am so excited to see and carry this little one. I am sad that I did not see the parade but at the same time very much happy because I get to see this angel for the first time. Worth it I must say.

I smiled seeing this angel is moving when the attendant is pushing the apparatus against my sister’s tummy. The baby is moving and responding. Too bad we did not able to see what’s the gender because the baby is too little to see the gender. We have to wait till the seventh month. By then we can see the baby’s gender. I am so excited. I can’t wait to know the gender of the family’s new angel.

Because he is nervous

My brother-in-law does not smoke. He thinks that it is not good for his health. Which is good because my sister does not like a guy who smokes. This may be one of the reason the sister likes him. haha! However, I once saw the brother-in-law is smoking. That was the time when the sister is giving birth to their first child. I guess he was too nervous that time because the sister is inside the delivery room for more than 24 hours. I can tell that he so worried about the sister’s condition inside the operating room because the sister undergone caesarian section.

Anyway, I guess I’ll be seeing brother-in-law smoking again because the sister is four months on the way. Yes, she is carrying their second bundle of joy. Five more months and this little angel will add happiness and smile on their abode. Since the brother-in-law smokes only when he is nervous, I think of buying him a padron cigar. It would make him feel more relax when the sister is on labor.

Beach Volleyball Actions


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I enjoyed watching the beach volleyball actions at London 2012 Olympic games. One of the sports that I like and love to watch. I am glad that the do have Olympic coverage because I am enjoying the beach volleyball actions now. Even though I already knew who are the winners, still I watch the game because I do not want to miss the championship action. I love to watch these lovely women representing their country. They are blessed with this talent. The talent that I like because I do love sports. Unfortunately, sports doesn’t love me that much so I just settled being a fan.

I have watched beach volleyball sport local and international especially in Olympic games. And it is my wish to see beach volleyball players from my country to compete internationally. Maybe this is not the time yet for the country to excel in this kids of sport. But I really do hope soon. Also, want to see international competition like Olympic games for real.

How about you? Are you a sporty person or love to watch sports? If so, what kind of sports do you wish to see?

Fireplaces then and now

For most people living in the cold regions having the presence of fire inside the house is indispensable. These days, despite the modern ways of heating one’s home there’s still something about a fireplace that is pleasing to have around. Its comfort soothes the soul like no other.

Back in the old days, the method of using woods for heating homes is almost as old as dirt but is likewise the most effective way to contain a fire within the comfort of one’s home, no matter its size. Most fireplaces in the earlier times were made of stones and strategically a hole in the roof of the structure to allow smoke to vent skyward – simple, low tech and still effective although not as efficient as the modern innovations of today – smoke, ash and dirt-free.

These days, contemporary fireplaces don’t only keep you and your family warm on chilly winter nights but it also has a decorative quality a home owner can make use of to enhance a living room. And whether you’re using electric, gas, pellet stoves or wood, when it comes to customizing a fireplace that is sure to meet your specifications, Agee Woodworks is the place to be. You can contact them by dialling the following numbers: 877-768-3678 or simply visit their website at


Air purifier at home

The nephew was exactly one month old when we noticed that there is something wrong in him. He keeps on sneezing and coughing. We thought it was normal for a baby. However the sister is so worried so we brought the nephew to the pediatrician. The pediatrician told us that the nephew has allergies. Allergies of the dust and the pillow case and bed sheet cotton. That was maybe the reason the nephew is always sneezing. The sister was advice to change bed sheets and pillow case every week to avoid the allergy. Even so, the nephew still has the sneezing and coughing problems.

Because of the nephew’s allergy issues, the sister decided to buy air purifier. The device that would help to remove the contaminants from the air. Having this at home would lessen the nephew’s suffering from allergies and asthma attacks. Since some member of the family do smoke, this device is helps reducing and eliminating the second-hand smokers. The sister is thinking of buying air purifier by Rabbit Air. It has lots of purifiers to choose from. They offers high quality of purifiers at a very affordable prices. Also, they have awesome service that would help the customers choose the best air purifier to use. Has good customer service that the customer would surely appreciate. Their service is for customers satisfaction.