Excited for theie school camping

The nieces will be having their girls scout camping at the school this weekend. It is their first time to join and they are very much excited. They will be very busy this weekend and the nine years old will sleep at the school and will be home on Sunday afternoon. They have a list of the things they will used in the activities at school and their personal things to bring. Her parents are checking everything before putting it inside her bag. The seven years old will not stay for the night, only her sister who is nine years old. She is still young and not so attentive to her things that is why her parents are always reminded her to be careful and take good care of her things. Though the niece says yes, I am still worried because kids are kids.

Anyways, I hope the nieces will enjoy their three days girls scout activities at school. I wish that they will learn many things and will develop their self-confidence. Joining camping is one way of making friends and meeting new people. This is what I like when I attended school camping years back. So, to the girls good luck and to your school camping and God bless. Enjoy the moment and at the same time learn new things.

Unique gift for men

When in comes to giving gifts, I can tell that the most difficult to please are men. I am speaking from my experienced because my father and brothers are a bit picky. I have given them presents in the past and all I can say is they are very difficult to please. Though they have accepted my present but with side comments which I do not like. They would say, I wish you bought this one instead of this one. arghs! Can’t you be nice and say thank you instead first before the comments? Hearing their side comments made me realized that before giving them present, it would be best to ask their likes and favorites.

Anyways, are you having some difficult times when it comes to giving presents to your man? Then, worry no more because it can be solved by knowing their likes, preference and favorites. I have tried and it is effective now. If such as your man loves sports try this soccer gifts. I am pretty sure that they would love to have this kind of gives because it can be added to their collections if they have any. You will definitely receives a big smile and thank you from them. This is a unique gift that they would surely love.

Happy Birthday to You

Just yesterday this stubborn younger brother of mine celebrates his 29th birthday. The family is waiting for him to arrive since he lives far from us. I am glad that he made it with his girlfriend. Yes, he decided to celebrates it with us. This is to cope up because last year, he was away from us. Though they did not last longer because they have to go back early for no one will attend to their store. Even though the celebration is very short, we did have a good time and enjoyed the foods on the table. Thanks to you and your gf for the wonderful birthday treat.

To my younger brother I wish you all the best in life, happiness in life and good health of course. I do pray for your success in life as well. As I have seen and noticed, you are happy and satisfied with your life right now. I do wish that this is for good and forever. May you have a good life together. Always remember that we will always be there for you anytime you needed someone to talk to and needs help. Though I cannot promise when it comes to money. haha! Anyways, happy birthday again and I wish you good luck and God bless!

Good quality helmets

Because of the series road accidents caused by motorcycle, the city Mayor made a law to need riders to use good quality of helmets. The sister does have motorcycle that used by her husband to go to work. Sometimes the sister do ride with her husband especially if she wakes up late and do not want to be late for work. Not that wearing helmets is required to motorcycle riders, the sister is thinking of buying another helmet for her to use. They have not decided yet of what brand of helmet they are going to buy. Still looking in different stores. Since the sister haven’t tried searching online, I will tell her to look for the sparx helmets online. I have seen already the design and the colors of these helmets and I like it. I am pretty sure that the sister would like it too. It would make her more comfortable especially she travels early in the morning.

Fairy Hobmother is Finally Here

PhotobucketThe first time I heard about Fairy Hobmother here in blogosphere, I am so intrigued of the gifts that he gives to the lucky ones. I so wish that one day this famous fairy would give some time to visit my blogs/sites. I have followed Fairy Hobmother by visiting and commenting on the posts where this fairy is featured and his way of granting wishes. I am hoping, praying and wishing that it will be sooner. True enough, Fairy Hobmother finally pay a visits in my sites. woohoo!

One morning, I saw an email in my inbox from Fairy Hobmother. At last he is finally here. I am smiling while reading his email and his gifts for me. Fairy Hobmother made my day. I thought fairies are just for kids, but it’s not because fairies are for everybody who are wishing and praying for their wish to come true. The Fairy Hobmother’s gift for me is one of the most wonderful gifts I have received this year. I am so happy and blessed. Fairies are really true and soon he will grant my wish. Thank you Fairy Hobmother for the wonderful gift and for sharing to me your blessings.

Fairy Hobmother is giving away gifts like Amazon vouchers, paypal cash or have one of the Top Five Washing Machines. And he is spreading his gifts to everyone out there. Just leave your precious comment and your blogs/sites. Who knows this fairy will be knocking on your door and giving you one of the best gifts ever. Also, follow him on Twitter and give him your sweet hi!