Attending the engagement party

I am so shocked when my cousin called me on the phone and told me that she is getting married and invited us to come to their engagement party. They surprised us all I must say because even their family did not know their plans. I understand though why they preferred it that way it is because my cousin’s family is against in their relationship. All the bad words and curses have thrown into them, but they love for each other wins. They fought and now they won. They do not mind what others think because what is important to them is their love and they both are happy together. And want to spend the rest of their lives together.

Thier engagement party is simple and ended well. Though some of the cousin’s sisters are in bad mood. lol, My cousin is four months pregnant too. I am so happy for her because it is her dream to walk down the aisle, and have a family of her own. Congratulations to my cousin and to her fiance, I prayed that you will have a happy life together. Keep the love burning and always put God in the middle of your relationship. Looking forward to your wedding day. Congratulations in advance and best wishes!

Passed the Entrance Examination

This is a bit late but still I want to share it here how happy we are and blessed for the good news we recieved from above. The nephew took the entrance examination at the school that his brother is studying. We really want him to get in the school because the school is really nice. Not like his older brother, this five year old nephew is a shy type, and lack of self-confidence. But we did our best to make him ready for the two days entrance examination. We motivate him and told him that if he will do his best and do well, he will recieve a reward from us. Of course, with lots of prayers.

We got the good few weeks before the enrollment starts. We are the happiest when we saw the name of the nephew passed. It is an answered prayer indeed! Nothing beats the power of prayer I must say. The nephew is now enrolled and his first week was fine. Although he is a bit slow, but we sure he will catch up. I wish you all the best in the ne and big school. Good luck on your kinder 2 life nephew. Remember that you always makes us so proud no matter what. Thank you Lord very much for this wonderful blessing!

Congratulations and best wishes

FInally, my brother and his fiancee tied the knot last Saturday, May 26, 2018. It was one of the happiest days of our lives because at last my brother is married. It seems like yesterday when he told me that no one will marry him because of his looks after his two years girlfriend dumped him. Everything happens for a reason. And this is the reason why his ex dumped him. For my brother to find someone he deserved and someone who will truly love him unconditionally.

My brother was the happiest man on earth on his wedding day. The excitement and the smiley face will tell how happy my brother is. And we are so happy for him. I am so happy that the wedding went well. I must we planned it perfectly. It went well as we plan. And the host at the reception did very well even though it was an abrupt one. Thanks to the make up artists who made us all beautiful. To those who came to celebrate with us, thank you very much.

Congratulations to my brother and to my sister in law. May God bless your life together and will bless you with lots of kids. Also, congratulations to my sister in law who is four months on the way. I am so excited to see your first born. Again, congratulations and best wishes!!!

Celebrating the 70th birthday of my mother

Last May 9, 2018, was the 70th birthday of my mother. Even though my mother died 29 years ago, we still celebrate her birthday every year. It is our way of telling her that she is loved and remembered even if she is no longer with us. Our mother played the important part in our life. Because of her, we grew up responsible human beings. Her teachings are still alive and we are passing it to the next generation of the family. My mother’s absence is our strength to continue with life through her teachings. We missed her like every day of our lives.

On her 70th birthday, I can tell that my mother is happy up there because we are complete. Yes, my older brother with his fiancee and my younger brother with his wife and son did come to celebrate with us. They gave time to come and visit our mother at the cemetery. Also, we brought her grandchildren so my mother can see them. She was not able to be with them because she died early. We brought flowers for her and light candles for her. And cooked the family’s favorite dishes to complete the celebrations.

Mother, I know that you are happy wherever you are. Always know that we love you and you will always be in our hearts. Thank you for everything. Please continue to watch us and guide us every day. Happy birthday mother, we love you and we missed you very much.

Wedding ring gift to a friend

It is her dream to get married and walking down the aisle with the man that she has been living with for almost seven years. They already have two wonderful daughters. They live a simple and happy life. However, there is one thing that is missing. To get married and be the legal wife. She wants to use the name of her man and finally call him her husband and his wife. For seven years, the wedding is only in her dreams because of financial issues. Unfortunately, the wedding is not in their priority, I must say. Luckily, the city mayor offers a free mass wedding to that couple who wants to get married but do not have the budget. This is opportunity knocks once, so the friend grabbed it.

The impossible wedding is now coming true. A friend and her man are going to get married on the 28th day of this month. She is the happiest woman on earth because finally, they will tie the knot. Because of financial reason, there are times that she does not want to push the wedding. But with the help of their family and friends, the wedding will be push through. As a friend, I wanted to help so I bought their wedding ring. It is my wedding gift for them. It is a simple wedding ring and engraves their name on it. I am glad that the friend likes the wedding ring that I bought. To my friend, congratulations and best wishes.