Will start doing the exercises soon

I start my day doing the exercises to keep me healthy and walking for good blood circulation. It has been part of my daily routine back then, however, I stopped doing it because I get so busy with the household chores, babysitting and other things. I do not have time to do the exercises anymore. For health wise, doing exercises is the best thing to do. It has been five years now since the last time I do the exercises and walking in the morning. I really missed doing it but I can’t find a time. Doing the household chores and babysitting eats my time. I get really tired and do not have the energy to do exercises.

Lately, I noticed that I get so tired easily and my body is weak. I guess I have to go back to my old routine to do the exercises. I have to start very soon for me to always keep on going. Before going back to the old routine, I think the first thing to do is to buy rubber shoes, jogging pants, shorts, t-shirts or top, face towel and other things needed. Thinking about the things to buy makes me worried because I have the feeling that it would cost me a lot knowing that the prices are going up. The best thing to do is to get cheap voucher codes . The voucher codes will be of help for me to buy the things I mentioned above in a lower prices because of the discounts that I can get using the voucher codes upon purchasing. So, if you are planning to go shopping like me all you just have to do is to find daily voucher codes. You will for sure get addicted to go shopping everyday for you will get great deals using the voucher codes.

Attending a bible sharing class

Back when I was in high school, I was invited by a friend to attend a bible sharing class at their church. We do not have the same religion but since she invited me and I am curious about this bible sharing class, I give it a try to experience for once. The bible sharing class lasted for two hours. It was a good experience for me for it gives me idea about bible sharing. They provided foods for snacks for us. My first impression is that the bible sharing class is a bit boring but then I was wrong. It was good and I enjoyed my stay there. Everyone are friendly and welcoming visitors from other religion. I get to meet people from different religions, learned about their belief, religion and lots more. Their church is very nice even if it is small. And because their church is small they uses stackable church chairs. It is very comfortable to sit on, also saves space because they pile the chairs on the corner. They just get chair if someone comes. If I were to buy chair at home, I prefer this kind of chairs.

Suddenly Disappeared

While I am busy attending the one year old nephew to have his morning nap, the three years old nephew is in the living room watching cartoons with his grandfather (my father). I was hearing the voice of my three years old nephew when suddenly he went silent. I thought he was just busy watching. After 30 minutes, I went outside the room to check my other nephew. I am surprised after seeing that the nephew is not in the living room. Only my father was there and sleeping. Where did the nephew go?

I hurriedly woke up my father telling him to watch the other nephew who is sleeping because I am going to look for the three years old nephew. Lots f negative thoughts that comes into my mind and it makes me more worried. What if something bad happened to the nephew? What if someone took him away? I heard rumors about young ones being kidnapped and I am so worried. I went to the neighbors houses and asked if they saw my nephew. I felt like crying because five of the neighbors said they haven’t seen the nephew. I wanted to scam and shout out loud for I do not know where to find him. I was sitting outside the house thinking of where to find him, when I saw the six years old daughter of the neighbor with the nephew. I feel relieved after seeing the nephew. Thanks God nothing bad happen to them. I wonder where did they go. After the incident I decided to always locked the gate so that the nephew will stay inside the house.

Awesome electric guitars

Do you love guitars? Do you dream to have an awesome electric guitars someday? If so, then make that dream come true by owning an awesome epiphone casino john lennon electric guitars. From the name itself, obviously it is inspired by the Beatles band lead vocalist. The style, the design and the size of this guitar is so perfect. For sure you will enjoy strumming this collectible item kind of electric guitar. If I were to buy a guitar, I will definitely have this kind. It is so perfect for a girl like me. But first I have to practice more on how to play guitar for me to enjoy more the guitar that I am going to buy. I have seen my father and brothers playing guitars before that is why I am eager to win. I love listening while they are playing, how much more if I am the one playing the guitar.

Friends for life

I took this photo a week ago while these fellas are celebrating the birthday of their friend. they are my neighbors and friends of my brother. They have been friends for more than a decade I must say. Some of them are professionals, married and some are working on the field they chosen. I admire their friendships because they do value it a lot. Every time one of them are celebrating their birthday, they see to it that they celebrates it with the celebrant. Their friendship is simple and sometimes intriguing. I have seen them fighting for real, having fun, making jokes at each other, sharing girls (which is common to guys haha!), and playing. Yes, playing basketball makes this friendship as stronger as ever. Though they have met other people, and friends but their friendship is still there. Seeing each other and have this kind of talking is a proof that they do value the friendship that they have established for years. Too bad my brother is not here because he lives far from the city. It flatters me though because these guys do asked me sometimes about my brother. Which means they missed my brother.

I am their older sister so to speak. And I am glad that they respected me a bit. Though some of them is not so good to me, I do understand it because that’s their attitude. I have seen some of them growing and I can tell that the attitude of each. So, every time they make a joke on me, I just smiled at them. Anyways, I hope that this friendship will last longer and will leads to forever. Also, I pray that they will treasure this friendship because the kind of friendship that they have is one of a kind. The friendship that others would love to have.