Visiting the mother’s grave

November 1 and 2 are the days where people commemorates the All Saints and All Souls day. People will go visit their love ones who passed away. And yesterday we visited the mother’s grave. Like the usual, we bring foods at the cemetery and eat lunch there. Having lunch in front of the mother’s grave, feels like we are having lunch with her. Offered prayers and lightning candles. I am pretty sure that my mother is happy wherever she is seeing the whole family spend half day there. Also, some relatives came to visit her grave and the mother’s younger sister. These days are one of the memorable days to me because we get to spend time with the mother. Though her presence is not there, her spirit and love is with us.

Before the sunsets, we left the cemetery. While walking, the brother and his girlfriend suggested to go to the mall. It was a nice idea though since the family seldom go to the mall together. Perfect bonding for the whole family I must say. We had our dinner at the mall. Of course the brother and his girlfriend’s treat. Having dinner at the mall with the whole family is a memorable one. The brother and his girlfriend do treat the family every time they are at the city. The family appreciate it a lot and so touched with this gesture. Every time they are in the city, they see to it that they give some time with the family. Showing that they care and value the family. Thanks to both of you for the treat. May God bless you always!

To develop reading skills

Not like before, students nowadays are not fond of going to the library to read and do the research. Most likely every time they have assignments a research papers to do, they prefer to search information online. It is fast and easy I must say compared to book opening a book. Using the internet/computer is very easy. They just type the word/s, names, or phrase and the information will be flashing right on front of them. This is the advantage of computer technology. Young ones do not have patience in opening a book to read nowadays. I can see that from my nieces. I wanted to develop their reading skills that is why I will download free audiobooks for them to use. I am sure they would love this tools. This tools will not only develop their reading skills but also their listening skills. I will also download my favorite books to read.

My mother’s 24th death anniversary

Times really flies so fast I must say. Few days ago, we celebrated the 24th death anniversary of my dear mother. We visited her grave in the morning, offer prayers, light candles, and bring flowers. We spent three hours there before going home. While at there, we were talking of the past times when the mother is still alive and talking lots of what if. The four grandchildren are busy cleaning the grave, playing with candles and mentioning about their grandmother as if they have been her before. Listening to them makes me thing of many what ifs in my mind. It the mother is still alive, I am pretty sure she will love to spent more time with her grandchildren.

This year’s celebration is memorable for the family because we also commemorating the death anniversary of my grandmother. Also, the younger brother is home not like last year. I like the relationship we have now because after the misunderstanding, we became more closer to each other. I am pretty sure that the mother is happy now wherever she is because her youngest son is home celebrating with us. Her dearly son among the siblings.

Fixing the motorcycle

While the brother is trying to fix the motorcycle of the sister, the kids are bugging him. Always asking him what he is doing, picking up the tools, roaming around and other things. The brother cannot concentrate from what he is doing that is why he called me and says, get the kids inside the house. I took the kids and locked the door. But the kids are crying and banging the door. It is really noisy and so I open the door and let them play outside. I went out also to watch them play. I was looking at the kids when I noticed that the brother is looking for something. He was looking for the cotter pins. I don’t know what it looks like so I did not bother to help him. haha! I went my attention back to the kids who are busy playing when I saw something on the nephew’s hand. I moved closer and get the thin in his hands. Maybe it is the one that the brother is looking for. I took it and gave it to the brother. I am right, the cotter pins that the brother is looking for is at the nephew’s hand.

Teaching her how to pray the rosary

The father used to pray the rosary everyday. The sister and I used to go with him then. But stopped for sometime now because he gets very sickly. Just recently, the father decided to pray again the rosary. He has done it alone for a month until he decided to teach the seven years old niece to pray with him. He gave to the niece the copy of how to pray the rosary and the responses. Good thing the niece already memorized the Our Father, Hail Mary and Holy Mary. It is easy for the father to teach the grand-daughter. Now, the father’s partner in praying the rosary is his grand-daughter who is seven years old.

Since the niece is schooling in the morning, they do the rosary when he niece arrives from school. The father tried to convince the nine years old niece but she does not want to. Seeing them praying together, reminds me of the days where the father, sister and I used to pray the rosary. I am happy though that the niece loves to do it. She sometimes told the father to start the rosary the moment she enters the door. wink* I wish to pray with them one of these days but I cannot concentrate because of the two little fellas who keeps me busy. I hope one day I will join them kneel and pray the holy rosary.