His 2nd Birthday

Last December 25, 2012 was the 2nd birthday of my nephew. It was a successful celebration even though some of the invited guests did not able to make it. The foods on the table were deliciously prepared by the older brother. He was the chef cook that time. I, on the other hand did prepare the table, chairs, balloons and the sweets. In short, the family did their part to make the celebration a memorable and successful one.

This post should be done last year but because I opted to take my vacation from writing, I just posted it today. I still remember how happy and bubbly the nephew was on his birthday. He keeps on smiling, dancing and running here and there. It seems like he really understand that it was his day/birthday. The time flies really fast indeed. It was like yesterday when the sister gave birth to a very cute little boy. And now he is two years old. Anyhow, the family is so thankful to God for the gift of life He has given to my nephew and for the good health.

Different look of your bracelet

Wearing the same look of our bracelet can be boring sometimes especially if we only have one bracelet in our jewelry box. It would be better to wear different looks of our bracelet. For instance putting charms, pendants or some personalize lockets. If you want new and different look of your old bracelet, you know where to find pandora charms. The place that has wider selection of charms and personalize charms to be added to your old jewelry, it will make you feel wearing new jewelry because charms added elegance to your bracelet. When we are going to attend a party, of course we have to wear jewelry. And you are worried because you do not have much jewelry. This is a perfect idea to apply especially now that Christmas is approaching and we are attending different Christmas parties. So, explore and show the artistic touch within you and give your bracelet and other jewelry a new look.

Thanks very much Mary Anne

Last Sunday, my internet connection is really bad and I do have lots of writing tasks to be done. I was on panicked because I wanted to finish it before the cut-off time. I am rebooting my laptop many times, done the troubleshooting, but still the connection is very bad. I cannot open even a single browser. It is frustrating I must say. I thought of slapping my laptop. That is how frustrated and disappointed I was with my internet connection. But even if I do that, still my internet connection won’t come back to normal.

I am glad that my friend Mary Anne (Mary Anne’s Musing is one of her multiple blogs) is online. I asked her if I could go at their place to use her Wi-Fi connection. I am so desperate to finish my tasks on time. I am so happy that she said yes. And because she stayed at their home the whole day, I grabbed the opportunity to finish my tasks. With Mary Anne’s kind heart and help my little brain, I was able to finish my writing tasks. Thanks very much Mary Anne for the free Wi-Fi and the foods. I would love to go back again because your internet connection is fast, plus the free foods. Haha! God bless you more Mary Anne.

Almost all items are on sale

During holiday season, almost all items are on sale at the mall, department store, and in online store. This is what I like during this season because I can buy the things that I want at a lesser price. Because the store gives discounts, I want to grab the opportunity to buy my favorite orpheus valley guitars at guitar center. It is a good idea to buy now because they are on sale. It is my dream to buy guitar so that I can continue learning on how to play guitar. It has been a while since the last time I played guitar. I missed playing my favorite song on the guitar. Though I have lots of things to buy this Christmas, I still include this on my list and I hope that I will be able to buy this guitar soon. Thinking about it excites me because my fingers are excited to strum guitar again.

Early gift from the sister

The sister always told me that she will be giving something for me this Christmas. As her way of saying thank you from the favour I did to her. Well, if you did not know I babysit the sister’s son since she does not have a babysitter. I am not expecting something in return because I do it out of love. We are family and family does helping each other, right? I am extending my hands to any of my family member to help if I could. It is always a good feeling to be able to help.

Anyways, the sister already given the gift she told me to give to me. As expected, she did give me the one that I wanted to have. It is not in kind because the sister knows I have something that I wanted to buy. That gives her an idea to give me cash instead of kind. Awesome! In fact she did give extra. How is that? Indeed my sister is a kind and giving sister as always. Thanks sister for the gift. Love you much!

How about you? Did you receive an early gift/s too? What is it? Mind to share? Or did you give early Christmas gift/s?