My 34th year

Yes! You heard it right. I just turned 34 this month. I am happy because I reached this age, and at the same time sad because I am getting older. Haha! I know many would ask if I am still single and so I would tell it here. Yes, I am single and I am happy. Though there are times that I wish I have someone, share secrets with someone aside from my sister, but I have to accept that the special someone is not yet here. God is perfectly wrapping it for me. Woohoo!

Anyways, my 34th year in this world is meaningful to me. Why? Because the sister just gave birth to her second baby. Another angel in the family that would bring joy and happiness. The sister bought a birthday cake for me with the name of the nephews and nieces that I babysit for years. I like the feeling seeing the name of the kids written on the icing of the cake. It makes me feel so special and appreciated. Also, the second older brother helps me in cooking and preparing the foods that we are going to share on the table. Even though I have fever, I am so happy and glad that the family is there greeting and celebrating with me. Thanks to my family for everything.

For an easy to read and access report

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Mother and son

After nine months of carrying the baby inside her womb, the mother can now hug, kiss, carry and enjoy each moment with her baby. I was looking at my sister and my nephew sleeping together for the first time. Yes, I was there in the hospital waiting for my sister to come out and the baby. I am scared when the schedule CS operation came. I pray that the sister will give birth safely and the baby is in good condition. When the doctor informed us that the baby is in the nursery section, we went there to look at the baby for the first time. We were also informed that the sister is safe but still sleeping. She will be brought to the room after she regains consciousness.

Three hours after the operation, the sister was brought to the room and two hours later the baby was room in. The nurse put the baby besides my sister. I am enjoying looking at them resting and sleeping and took a photo of them. It is so cute to see the image of the mother and the son sleeping together for the first time. This would be one of the unforgettable memories between the two of them. Congratulations sister and welcome baby Mark Nin Andrei.

Need one this week

Any day of this week the sister will give birth to her second baby. The family is very much excited to see the new angel that will bring joy and happiness to the family. The sister is so nervous even if this is not her first time. But her husband is more nervous than her. When her husband is nervous, he smokes cigarettes to keep him calm and relax. The same thing he did when his wife is on the delivery room. The brother-in-law does not smoke because he does not want the taste of the cigars, however, he will smoke when he is nervous. He likes to smoke a cigars that has nice taste like Rocky Patel. And because the sister will give birth to their second baby this week, he needs to have cigarettes again. I might need one this week too because I am a bit nervous.

Wishes was granted

Just like the other little girls, my niece does have a simple wish on her 8th birthday this year. She wishes to celebrate her special day at the beach. Aside from she loves to swim a lot, she just wants to celebrate her birthday at the beach for a change. Also, she wants a cake to complete the day. Because her birthday is fall on Monday we decided to go to the beach on Sunday, a day before her birthday. Due to busy schedule and busy preparing for her day, we forgot to buy a cake. Good thing it is not her birthday yet. We just buy a cake on her birthday. And because she is grandfather’s little granddaughter, it was my father who bought a cake on her birthday.

The little girl simple wishes did granted. I can tell that she is so happy on her special day. The happiness was doubled because we are celebrating her birthday two days in a row. First day, we celebrated it at the beach with some invited friends and relatives. And on the second day was with the family. It is a simple celebration but meaningful and memorable for the celebrant. At eight, I can tell that the niece will remember her 8th birthday celebration. Happy Birthday Ella and wish you all the best in life.