Should I be thankful or get hurt?

I remember 10 months ago, when I carried my father to the bathroom because he cannot stand on his own. His knee is swelling. I can tell that he is in pain. And seeing him like that makes me sad. Since my brothers and sister are working, I am the one who will attend the father. But the siblings do help me at night. I can’t forget the back pain I had, after carrying my father. It was never in my dream that I can carry my father to the bathroom. But I did able to carry him using the chair. The memory is still fresh in my mind, when the father told me that he is thankful that I am plus size because if not I won’t be able to carry him. Though there are possibilities since the father is very sickly as he getting old, I so wish that experienced won’t occur again.

My fear comes back because the father now is sick again. He cannot walk and stand on his own. I have to assist him to get up and eat. My goodness, the father is getting heavier. I wish the brother is here to help me, because I am having some hard time carrying the father because my back is aching. Guess the father is too heavy for me. Once again, the father is thankful of my plus size. I do not know if I should be thankful for what the father said or get hurt. Haha! Funny but it is true, because I am doing my hardest to lose weight, but seems like no effect at all to my father.

Pretty red footed pjs

Among the party that I have heard, I am so intrigued by this pajama party. It is a unique one because of the clothes the invited guest/visitors are wearing. I hope to experience this kind of party one of these days because I haven’t attended this pajama party. I was once invited by a friend; however, I did not able to attend the party for some reason. I missed the opportunity to experience pajama party for the first time. I am so sad about it, but I just thought that it is not the right time, maybe next time. When that time comes, I will for sure wear this pretty footed red pjs. Aside from it is my favorite color, I also like the style. It is very much fitted to my personality and my preference.

I remember a friend mentioned the pajama party that her daughter invited to a pajama party. She is thinking of what would be her daughter will wear on the said party. She is browsing on the internet to get an idea of a perfect pj for her daughter. And then she decided to buy her daughter a footed pjs at the party. The pajama makes her daughter so cute. Added to that the fabric is of good quality that makes it more comfortable to wear for a little girl. Also, this pjs is perfectly fit for babies who love to kick the blankets off while sleeping. So if you’re pjs for your little ones, try this comfortable footed pjs.

Best time to buy

Because I love to sing a lot, I wish to learn on how to play guitar so that I can play anytime my favorite song/s. I can play the Cd tape in my DVD player though, but I guess it is best to play it on guitar sometimes. It would be a great feeling playing my favorite songs on guitar. I know some chords already and have tried played one of my favorite song before, using the guitar of a friend. I am planning to buy guitar for myself, I am just looking and waiting where to find cool discount guitars. It would great to buy on sale because I can get the item at a lesser price. Even though I am so excited to buy guitar, I still have to wait for the best time to buy guitar.

It’s late but still excited

My far away friend is going to send me his birthday gift. Though it is too late because my birthday was last month, still I am so excited. He already showed to me the stuffs he bought for me, but hasn’t mailed yet for some reasons. We have been online friends for four years I guess. We treasured our friendship a lot because it is seldom to find good friends online. He is indeed a good friend because he remembers my birthday. I am so blessed to find a friend like him online. The last time we talked, he told me that he will mail the gifts soon. Nyay! I am so excited!

I hope that it will reach on our doorstep. There are so many issues about lost letters, packages, and boxes in the post office. I do hope that my gifts will arrive. When the gifts arrives, I will for sure shared it here what is inside. I already know what is inside because he showed it to me, but still I am so excited. Thank to you my friend for the gifts and for the friendship. You are so thoughtful. May God bless you more and may you live longer life.

To age well at home

Compared to babies, elders are difficult to handle because they have lots of demands. This is what I have experienced from my sickly father. Even though I get mad sometimes, I have to take good care of him because he is my father. As his daughter, it is my responsibility to attend his needs with the absence of my mother. And because my father is old and moody and hard headed I have to widen my patience because he gets angry if I did not bring his needs and wants. Sometimes I am having a hard time because I do not have any background about care giving. I just do what I think is right which is wrong because elders has to be treated and cared well especially if they are just at home. As much as possible I want to do the best I can for my father to age well at home. Good thing I bumped and visit this website while I was browsing on the internet. It is a big help for me.

Because my father is sickly, I have to stock medical and healthcare supplies, bed and bath products and other things that an elder like him needs. I do not have to worry about things anymore because I can have the things he wants at Medline Industries products. They have great deals as well, I can have the supplies that I want with a discount using coupons. They do not have supplies for elders only and that makes them famous all over the world. So, if you want you elder to age well at home, visit the site because they are the greatest senior care resource.