The kids at the parade

A week ago the city celebrates the 76 Araw ng Davao. I went to the city to see the parade on the street. At the parade I saw lots of drum and bugle corps from different schools in the city. Most of them are from grades school that makes the parade an interesting one. I say interesting because the kids are very much talented especially those who played the drums. They were so cute to look at dancing while hitting the drums they carry. The kids played dw drums guitar center. Their school only choice this brand because of the quality and the style. To me it is a good choice I think because the drums are very much attractive. And the look is a bit different from the drums that other schools are using.

Finished with honors

Two days ago was the recognition day of the nieces. We went there to witness the event because the girls finished with honors. Oh yeah! They made it again this year. We thought they will never make it because their examination results are not impressing. But still the girls are making us proud again. We were so happy for the girls’ achievements. I am so proud of the girls because they made it on their own. They really excel in their respective level. Seeing the girls climbing on the stage and receiving their awards/ribbons, brings back the time when I was on the stage and accepting my awards. Oh well, just sharing.

Anyways, as the sister and I rewards to the girls I treat them with sumptuous lunch at the mall. We also let them play to their favorite play house. I can say that they have a wonderful day playing at the playhouse. They deserved it because of the achievements they got. They really make us so proud. Thank you girls for making us so proud of you once again. Way to go and I know you two can do it next school year and for the coming years. Good Job and Congratulations!

Easy way to clean the nose

My two years old nephew is suffering from allergic rhinitis. From time to time the sister is checking the nose of her son to know if it is irritated. When the nephew is keep on sneezing, the sister hurriedly wash the nose of her son with water. The sister is felt sorry for her son because she is working mom and only the nanny and her son left at home while she is at work. She is worried if the nanny cleans the nose of her son carefully. She is thinking of an easy way to wash the nose sensitive nose of her son. When she saw this nasopure, the sister is glad. She can leave the house for work with less worries because she is sure that the nose of her son will be safe and clean all day.

Have to bring home presents

Before, every time I go out of the house I always bring the kids with me because no one will look after them. My father does not want me to leave the kids to him because he said he can’t take a nap, which I understand because the kids are so noisy and messy. This is the reason I seldom go out to meet with friends because no one will look after the kids. But now that the two girls are old enough to look after their younger brother, I can go out and have fun meeting with my friends. I enjoyed my life now because I do not have to think of the kids anymore.

I am glad that I can go out when I want to especially during weekend because the nieces will look after their brother, but there is a problem arises. The girls agreed to look after their younger brother provided that I will bring presents for them when I get back home. Arghs! Well, it is better than to bring them with me. I am happy then I can go out without them, but sad because I have to make sure I have something to give to them when I get back home. It is an expenses but it is ok because kids are kids.

The easy way

I always see my brother every time he opens a bottle; he uses spoon, nail or bite the cover to open the bottle. The brother is doing it even now for he is used to it. Although I am used of the brother doing it, I feel hurt when he opens it using his teeth. It made me decide to buy a bottle opener since the brother drinks beer thrice a week. I like the designs and the color that the sinf custom bottle openers has. It is not only a bottle opener but can be a nice key chain too. I can bring it anywhere. So when we go on picnic, it would be so easy to open the bottle. The brother will no longer be using spoon, nail or his teeth in opening the bottle.