Recovering at home

My father got confined at the hospital last week. It was one of the scariest moment in our life. He was not feeling well for the past weeks. We went to the family doctor for the checkup and had several laboratories to know what is wrong with him. The family doctor then refers us to the neurologist. Another laboratories were given to us and then went back to the doctor with the results. Right then the neurologist told us the condition of our father. We’re advised to confined him at the hospital but my father refuses. The neurologist understands and told us to take laboratories and go to her clinic for updates.

Unfortunately, my father condition is getting worse. Both legs are swelling, hardly breath and chilling. We decided to bring him to the hospital because his condition is serious. My father was confined for five days. Laboratories are normal except his looping creatinine. And the father’s getting is not working well. Now, he is recovering at home and hopefully, his condition will get better after taking those medicines. I am praying to God that my father will recover soon. Also, praying to God to give my father strength and determination to go on with life even if he is having a hard time. Thank you, Lord for my father’s life and for always there for him. To my father, get well very soon. Love to see you smiling again and playing with your grandchildren.

Thank you for the trust

Not even in my wildest dream that I would plan a wedding. Yes, I was asked again to plan the wedding of my cousin and help her with the preparation. I am scared because I do not want to ruin the wedding of my cousin, but because of the trust she gave to me, I will do my very best to be of help to her. It will be a simple wedding though but I want to make sure it is a memorable one. My knowledge and skills are limited, but I will surely give my 100% to make the wedding of my dear cousin a successful one.

I do the listings on the things to buy, the principal sponsors, wedding entourage, the venue, wedding gowns, wedding invitations, wedding giveaways, and the likes. The motif of my cousin’s wedding is royal blue. My older sister will design her wedding invitation card. The cousin needs support from others because her immediate family is not happy with her decision. Well, they have issues that only them an solved. I do hope that they will fix the misunderstanding before the wedding day. Thank you very much to my cousin for the trust you give to me. I will do my best to make your wedding extra special. Congratulations and best wishes to you.

Vacations Offer an Opportunity to Relax

Going on vacation is a lot of fun. Vacations offer a way to relax and enjoy time with the people you care about. If you are a solo vacationer, vacations give you the opportunity to enjoy some time by yourself and relax in comfort.

There are so many vacation destinations. Each of these vacation destinations have something unique to offer. If you are the type of vacationer who likes to sit at the beach and enjoy the surf and warm water, the Caribbean may be the right spot for you. Central America and Mexico offers some amazing beach getaways. One of the nice things about going on vacation in a place like Central America is that many of the beaches are uninhabited. Places like El Salvador and Guatemala do not have an overwhelmingly large beach tourist business, yet the beaches in these countries are some of the nicest on the planet.

There is a trap that some vacationers fall into though that they later regret. They are on vacation and are enjoying themselves and then get invited to a timeshare presentation. They are presented with the opportunity of owning a piece of land or owning a property in their favorite vacation destination. A vacationer will sit through the entire presentation and maybe receive a free meal or a voucher for a discount at a tourist attraction. At the end of the presentation, a representative comes and talks to them personally. The representative is persuasive, and so the individual purchases a timeshare.

The first time they visit the timeshare with their friends and family, it’s amazing. However, as the years go on, they realize that timeshares are not for them. The problem is that they are bound by the contract they signed. Now, these individuals may want help getting out of a timeshare.

Getting into a timeshare is a lot easier than getting out of it. However, getting free from a timeshare contract is not impossible. It requires the help of individuals who understand how timeshares work and who have the resources to make breaking free from a timeshare a reality.

Kid Scout Investiture Ceremony

Yesterday was the Kid Scout Investiture Ceremony of my nephew at school. I can see the excitement on his face yesterday. The nephew likes his kid scout uniform very much. Even though he did not able to remorize the kid scout law, still he is trying his best. Funny thing is that, he has own words on the kid scout law.haha! I can tell that he is shy no more. I never thought that the nephew would be participating yesterday because he is so shy and lacking of self confidence as what his pediatrician told us. We are happy of his development.

I took some pictures of him yesterday for his remembrance and for his parents to see how he performs and participate yesterday. The investiture ceremony went well, fun (because of the kid’s performance), memorable to all the parents and students, and enjoyable. We are looking forward to their school camping and other kid scout and boy scout activities. Congratulations nephew, you are now the member of kid scout. Hopefully, you will gain more confidence, gain more friends, and be a responsible kid. Keep up the good works and be a good boy always.

Looking for a location for the wedding reception

My cousin is getting married and their wedding day will be on September 21, 2018. I am so happy that finally, my cousin found her true love. They’re against all odds relationship will soon be blessed and legal. It is really true that if you fight for the one that makes you happy, you will win it. Unfortunately, my cousin did not get full support from her family. Some of her older sisters are angry and still did not agree with their relationship. This is the reason why my cousin is asking for my help in the preparation for her wedding. I am honored and glad that she trusted me that much to ask for my help. I did not promise anything but I will do my best to help her.

I will help her with the layout of her wedding invitation. I will make a simple but nice invitation card with the help of my older sister. Once done, we will start printing the wedding invitation. While waiting for the lists of the wedding entourage, we are looking for a nice and affordable place for her wedding reception. It is not an easy thing to do especially now that my cousin is five months on the way. I hope that we will find a nice place for her wedding reception not far from the church. Good luck to us and to me.