The newly wed

It is my brother’s dream to marry the woman he deeply love. The dream has come true because last week they tied the knot last week. He and his girlfriend have been in the relationship for seven years and it is about time to settle down and have their own family. Even though they have been in relationship for seven years, still we are surprised when the he told us that they are planning to settle down. It is a surprise for the family because we do not have budget to support the brother. As a family, we do our very best to give our support to the youngest in the family.

The wedding is over and we are very happy that we are able to give our support to the brother. I can see the smile of the newly wed during their wedding day. They were both very happy to the point of crying. Yes, the wedding was very emotional for the couple because of the sacrifices and trials they have been through. Indeed love conquer all because despite the hindrances and the trials, they are able to be together at last. To my brother and my new sister-in-law, congratulations and best wishes!

The night before

Five days ago was the wedding day of my brother. We went to the province where his fiancee lives to attend the wedding and of course to witness the brother’s happiest moment of his life. We arrived at the place the night before the wedding. Because we are very much excited, we can’t sleep that night and we decided to stay up late and the brother played the guitar for us. It was indeed a memorable moment for the family because we had our simple bonding that night. Looking at the brother playing the guitar made me realized I need to practice more so I can play the guitar for them the next time we do the same bonding. However, before doing that I guess I need to buy gretsch guitars at guitar center so I can be more inspired to practice more. Since my time is limited, I need to manage my time and make a schedule so that I have time to practice playing guitar. I am crossing my fingers.

I just have to be confident

After the brother told me that I will be the maid of honor on his wedding, I decided to lose weight a bit so that I do look thin when I wear the gown. I am not fat though, just that I have extras that is a bit visible and I want to get rid of these extra fats. I am doing my hardest to lose some weight for the last two weeks. I was able to control myself not to eat more during meal time. It is very difficult for me because eating is one of my passions. But I have to do it for the sake of the gown that I am going to wear. Also, doing it for myself.

Two weeks have passed and still I did not able to meet the ideal weight that I want. It is so frustrating however, I guess I am to blame for it because I did not omit the in between meal. Haha! Well, I do not want to starve myself and get sick after. So when I feel hungry I eat right away. I am guilty and I have to accept it. I do not have time anymore because the wedding is on the 15th of this month. I just have to be confident wearing the gown even if the extra fats are visible. I am used to it and guess just have to admit the reality that I love to eat.

Helpful drawings for the next project

My father’s friend is an engineer. He is not working in any company because he is a freelance worker. He does not like the idea of having a boss, which is why he decided to do a freelance job. When he gets a project or making a design project for someone, he always checks online to see the latest drawings and nice drawings which he can add on his current designs. He does not want to disappoint his client/s that is why he is searching online to get the best designs. Just recently, he was hired to make a design and he contacted my brother to work for him. So, they both are checking on cad library online to get an idea on how they are going to make a perfect design that would make their client happy and smiling. Indeed, they want to satisfy their client so that on the next project, they will for sure be hired again.

Straight from Korea

One thing that I am so thankful for since I started blogging is that I am able to meet people from other side of the world. Although we have not seen each other for real, they have become my friends. I can say that aside from earning doing blogging, I have gained lots of friends that makes my blogging career so meaningful and enjoyable. I have receives few gifts from my blogging friends. I felt important because they spent money just to send the present for me. I am always thankful for the friendship and for accepting me as one of their friends.

 photo GEDC0970_zps8e11c9e0.jpg

Just recently, the presents from my blogging friend in Korea arrived. I am so happy because I really did not expect that she would give me a presents. Inside the envelop are the postcards from Korea and India, and also key chains from Korea. See the image that I have shared here. I am so thankful to Ryanne Calwill for the wonderful presents. Looking at the postcards makes me feel like I visit Korea and India and see their beautiful spots. I know this is a bit late post Ryanne, but please know that I treasure it and will keep it. I do hope that one day we will be able to meet for real. May God bless you always! Thanks again!