Thanks for the present

 photo GEDC1211_zps1cd7f3ca.jpgI have seen her on a friend’s wedding, but we aren’t introduce to each other formally. I just knew a little about her because she does blogging like me and my friend. One day, she added me to be friends on facebook. I gladly accept it because she seems like a nice person. I am so right because she is really a good person. We started chatting when she needs help on her blogs. Since I know a little about it, I tried my very best to help her. Unfortunately I did not able to help her because my knowledge about blog hosting is limited. That’s when the time our friendship starts.

This year, she and her family are in the country. They are on vacation. I am happy that I get to meet her in person few weeks ago, even happier because she gave me a presents and I so liked. I did not expect that she will give some time to buy something for me. Indeed she is a nice person. It is a blessing to find a friend like her. Thanks for the presents and the friendship Claire. I hope and pray that our friendship will last longer and stronger. It was nice meeting you and thanks for the treat as well.

Happy 4th Birthday

 photo ronjbday_zps6090131f.jpgMy cute nephew just turned four years old few days ago. I am happy that he is growing healthy although a bit hard headed one. It was just like yesterday when we celebrated his first birthday, now he is four years old. Time flies really fast I must say, they are getting older and so am I. Seeing them growing under my care makes me so happy, however, thinking that they are growing means I am getting older. I can’t imagine that the baby that I used to carry on my arms is now getting older. And soon, he will start going to school together with his two older sisters.

Anyways, on his fourth birthday I wish the nephew good health, always be a good boy, friendly and respectful to others especially older to him. The family celebrated his birthday with just simple dinner with the family and some invited family friends. His mother bought him a cake to make his birthday complete. The cake is the gift that the celebrant wants to have on his birthday. Well, all kids want a cake on their birthday. Happy birthday again to my nephew and wish you all the best in life. May God bless you always and guide you always. Tita (Aunt) loves you very much!

Safety comes first

There is a big responsibility in owning a gun. This is because a gun is deadly and it is dangerous to children that are why we have to keep it in a safe place. It is not good to put it in the closet because kids might see it accidentally. That is why we have to put it in the safe place like biometric gun safe. This is the safest place to put our valuable stuffs and guns. We do not need to put passwords for only your fingerprint is needed. It will only recognize your fingerprint; you can assure that no one will try to open it. Just like other vault, you do not have to put password for it only needs your fingerprint. We have to remember that safety comes first, and so having this biometric gun safe is a perfect idea.

The 5 months old nephew

It was like yesterday when the nurse brought this little angel in the hospital room where we stayed when the sister gave birth to him. He was so little and so cute. In fact, I am a bit scared to carry him because he was so little. Among the five angels in the family, Andrei is the smallest and the scariest I must say. However, his cuteness surpasses that scared feeling because I really wanted to carry him on my arms. Days, weeks, months pass by and the little Andrei is now on his five months.

Yes, he is five months now and will turn six in the few weeks. He is getting bigger, heavier and bubbly. I took several photos of him smiling. And the photo that I shared here is one of the many smiling pictures that I took. This little angel of the family makes my day less stress even if I am so tired. He smiled at me when I talk to him or even just passing by at him while he is resting on his bouncer. He is the vitamin that I need because he always makes my day enjoyable. In the next few months, he will start climbing and walking. Thinking about it makes me so tired but it is fine because seeing their development each day is a treasure and joy forever.

Insoles for his shoes

The outside look of the rubber shoes that my brother is wearing for work is nice, however, the insoles isn’t. The insoles need to be replaced but the bother hasn’t known where to buy a good quality of insoles. He wants a durable one since he always wears the rubber shoes at work. He wants insoles that would make his feet comfortable. Since shopping online is the trend today, I tried to search online hoping that I could find insoles that my brother would like. Fortunately, I found the spenco inserts best products. I go through their products and it is really nice. This is something that my older brother would like to buy. I will tell him about it and if he likes it, I would be glad to order one for him. Of course using his money. Haha!