Stressful but blessed week

It started when my seven months old nephew get high fever. The nephew is chilling and looks so pale when the sister came to the house and asked for help. Because we are so worried, we rushed the nephew to the hospital to have the nephew check. Only then we know that the nephew had fever that is why he is chilling and look pale. We are glad that he is fine and we did not have to confine him at the hospital. A day after we brought the two years old to the pediatrician because of severe cough and he also throwing-up after drinking his milk. After their check up, we are glad knowing that the two nephews are fine.

However, the trials are not over yet on that week because the other nephew (my brother’s youngest child) had fever. Also, he keeps on coming back to the bathroom to discharge and vomiting as well. I am so worried so I called the SIL to come home and take her son to the pediatrician. I cannot bring him myself because I look after the sister’s son. Instead of bringing him to the pedia, the SIL prefer to buy medicines. The situation is getting worse to the point of bringing the nephew to the hospital. The nephew was confined at the hospital for four days. Last week was a stressful week for the family but even though, we are still feel blessed because the little boys in the family are fine now. Thanks to God.

Your friendly drugstore

We all know that medicines today are very expensive. That is why as much as possible we should not get sick. But no matter how careful we are, we do not know when we get sick. So it is better for us to save some for emergency. Because medicines are expensive, we sometimes used generic brand of medicines for it is friendly to our budget. This is because we do not know where to go to buy affordable medicines. But we do not have to worry anymore because we can find the friendly drugstore that sells branded and generic drugs like advair diskus. You can place an order online and they will deliver it on your doorstep. No need to worry of the shipping fee because it is for free. Isn’t it great? So when you are sick or any member of the family gets sick, you know now where to go. Just make sure you have your doctor’s prescription.

Growing so fast

The nephew is growing so fast. He just turns seven months old. He is getting bigger and heavier, but I so love it. I even teach him some tricks, the tricks that he can follow easily. And I am pretty sure what I am talking about because you have taught your kid/s when they were babies. I am so excited to teach him and show to her mother that he learns fast. However, the nephew is not following me. I have been teaching him for two weeks now, and he isn’t following the tricks that I have taught him.

I do understand that he is still young and there is a tendency that he won’t follow what I teach him for his eyes are busy roaming around and touching things that interests him. It is a bit frustrating because I really want him to learn. I guess I am just too excited but the four kids that I have been babysitting before him, learns fast. Well, not all kids are same and I understand that. Maybe the nephew wants to be different from his cousins and older brother. I can wait baby till you follow the tricks I want you to learn.

Give her medicines

My sister told me that her babysitter is not smiling and when she is talking to her, she is not listening. She is afraid that the babysitter is burned out and thinking of leaving. She cannot afford it if the babysitter leaves again because she really needs a babysitter to watch her kids while she is at work. Because the sister is so worried, I told her that I will ask the babysitter of what is wrong and what she thinking so she won’t worry anymore. It took me two days to think of what to ask and tell the babysitter. I have to make sure that I ask in a nice way. I do not want to offend her.

Yesterday, I took the chance to ask the babysitter. Only to find out that she is not feeling well. She had fever that is why she moves very slowly. Her body needs to rest that is why she is not paying attention to my sister the last two days. How can we be so insensitive? Well, if she only told us that she is not feeling well, we would have given her medicine right away. After learning that she is not feeling well, I give her medicines and let her rest so she will get well very soon. I look after the nephews for two day so the babysitter well get more rest. I am glad that she is okay now.

Thanks to my neighbor

Few days ago, I am craving to eat green mango after I saw the fruits of the neighbor’s mango tree. I wanted to buy some to buy neighbor but I did not bother to try again since the last time I did the same, they said no to me. So, I am just contended watching the mango fruits from their mango tree. I do buy at the market though to satisfy my cravings. But this time, I did not buy because I am out of budget. Yes, my wallet is too poor now because I did lots of payments. I am sad that I am running out of money, but thinking that I am already paid my dues, I am happy about it.

Anyhow, yesterday afternoon one of my closest neighbor arrives from the province of his father and gave me two pieces of green mango. Oh yeah! I am so happy because my cravings were answered. Because I do not have extra to buy green mango at the market, God uses my neighbor to give me mangoes for free. How is that!? The mangoes are so crunchy and so yummy. Thanks to my neighbor for the mangoes. God bless you more and hope you will give me some again when you go back to your father’s province.