Selecting the clothes to give

Because Christmas is the season of giving, there are groups of people who are doing charity works by giving used clothes and foods for the less fortunate ones. It is a good way of sharing our blessings to our fellowmen. Even though the clothes are used, yet it is still usable because it is in good condition. In this simple way, we are able to make them happy by sharing what we have. I and my sister have been doing these stuffs for years now and it becomes a habit to me. The feeling is really great seeing their smiles after accepting the stuffs from us.

Today I am checking my closet to look for some used clothes that I am going to bring to the charity groups. I have noticed that I do not have many clothes in my closet to give because I have given several early this year. Even though, I will sort out my clothes and pick those I do not use much and give it away. It would be a tough job for me because what I have now in my closet are my favorites, maybe I will pick my less favorites. Besides giving something to less fortunate ones is a joy in our hearts forever.

Personalized Varsity Jacket

Back when I was in high school, I used to be a member of basketball team. The school I was enrolled then is a public school, so we do not expect the school will shoulder even half our varsity jackets, shoes, and our basketball uniforms. We have to solicit to gather funds. I am very happy to be part of the basketball team of our school I do love sports. Being part of the team is a memorable one for me. Even though it has been more than a decade, I still want to have remembrance that I am part of the team so I am thinking of having personalized varsity jacket with my school’s initials and logo in it. All I have to do is to click for chenille to look for letters and patches to put on the jacket. I love designing clothes so I will try my talent of designing with the varsity jacket I am going to make and of course with the help of chenille products.

His two front teeth

My nephew just turned eight months old and now his first set of two front teeth is showing. Time flies really fast indeed! He started biting my fingers, shoulder and my cheek. To him it is like playing but to me it is But I do like him doing it especially when I am avoiding his attempt to bite me because he gets angry when I do that. It makes him so eager to bite me. When the second set of front teeth will arrive, I’ll be in danger. Haha! The nephew is growing really fast. He is so bubbly, playful and smiling, the things that I do like and will treasure while he is young. That is why I am taking photos every movement, tricks, and activities he makes every day for his mother to see how cute her son is.

The nephew looks really cute when he smiles and shows off his two front teeth. And I guess he knows that he looks really cute because he loves to smile a lot. I do like to take a photo of him smiling showing his two front teeth but is not possible because he could not stay still. I have tried several times but I only get a blurry image. Hopefully I will take a photo of his first two front teeth one of these days. I want to capture at least one photo for him to look at when he grows older.

Thank You Anne

I know this post is a bit late, but still I want to extend my gratitude to my friend Mary Anne for helping me with my EON card. I have been in trouble linking my EON card to PayPal. I do not want another charge for sending the wrong details so I asked her to help me with my EON debit card. Although I am ashamed to ask her, I still do because I do not know where to find any help. The only way to do is to contact the customer service. Unluckily, we do not have any land-line phone. I have tried several times using my mobile phone but it doesn’t allow me. This is the reason I am asking for Anne’s help because she has land-line phone. I am so glad that she said yes.

Even though she has sore throat, still she tried to call the customer service for me. After following the instructions, finally my EON debit card is now linked to PayPal. I am so happy because my agony is finally over. I can now transfer my money from PayPal to my bank account. I am able to withdraw the money after three days. I am so thankful to Anne for the helped. I do not know what to do without you (funny but this is true). Again, thank you Anne for the help. May God bless your kind heart always!

Thank God it’s normal

 photo 134b890f-7af1-48b0-9720-2b322ef79e64_zpsa8f4b231.jpg

After getting the nephew’s schedule for 2DECHO examination, I am so worried of the result. I know it is not good to think negatively but I cannot help myself. There are lots of negative thoughts that come up in my mind no matter how I tried to think positive. Maybe because of the incident that happens to my nephew few weeks ago. Remembering the nephew’s face had difficulty in breathing makes me think negatively. I even think of the worst case. I had bad thoughts and I hate myself for thinking that way. I just hope and pray that the result after the examination is normal.

 photo 2013-09-03151509_zps75094c49.jpg

While waiting outside the Heart Station, I keep looking at the sister’s face to cheer her up. I have to look fine and think positively so the sister will not worry too much. She even asked me if I prayed for her son, my nephew. Of course I am! When the doctor’s arrives, the negative thoughts came in. I just pray while looking at the nephew. When the check-up is done, the doctor said that the nephew’s heart is normal. We do not have to worry because he is healthy as well as his heart. Thanks to God the result is normal. We can sleep at night now without any worries that the nephew will have difficulty in breathing.