He died peacefully

My cousin is suffering from serious illness for the past years. Even so, he never let his family know of the pain he felt inside. He is able to hide it perfectly. It is because he doesn’t want his family to worry too much. If you were to look at him, if you feel sorry for him because he looks really sickly. But he still manages to smile and make himself feel okay even if it is not. For the past weeks he is acting really strange. And when they asked him, he will say he is okay, he just can’t sleep. I guess he is really in pain. Until one day he asked his sister to bring him to the hospital because he can’t take it anymore.

When advice to be admitted at the hospital, he refuses. Instead, he wants to go home and be with his family. He also said that he is dying. Hearing him saying that he is dying makes his family cried. They don’t want him to give up but he just did. He said, he is surrendering his life to God. He accepted his fate and death. How brave my cousin is. For the remaining days and hours of his life, he is able to say sorry and thank you to his sisters, brothers and mother. It was really a heart breaking scene for his family. They were all crying looking at him fighting for his life. He indeed died peacefully I must say because he is able to say sorry and thank you to his family. Also, he told them to not cry and worry for he is fine.

Cymbals to use at the chapel

Once I was a member of choir in our chapel. It was a memorable experience for me. Unfortunately I am no longer a member for some reason. Every time we practice we just borrow cymbals from neighbour because the church does not have cymbals yet, though the chapel’s officers are accepting donations and do fund raising so the chapel will be able to buy cymbals. It would be nice to hear cymbals because it adds lively sound while the choir are singing during mass. When the fund is right, the officers at the chapel is thinking of buying the wuhan 18 china. The look is simple but it is made of good quality also, well hand-crafted. Hopefully soon the chapel will have own cymbals to use by the choir during mass.

We are glad they are fine

Early morning of October 15, 2013, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake shakes the province where my parents grew up. The first thing that enters in our mind is to know the situation of relatives there. My talked to my father and asked him if he could make a call to his mother and sister in Bohol to know how are they. My grandmother is too old and thinking of the earthquake’s magnitude makes us so worried. Though I read from the status of my cousin that they are fine, still we want to talk to them and ask them over the phone.

We are relieved after hearing from my aunt (my father’s younger sister) that they are fine. There is no serious damage. Thanks to God that they are okay and their house is still standing. They do not have electricity at that time though. We are glad that they are fine; however, our heart is aching seeing other properties that are crushed down including the old churches. It is a devastating incident I must say. The dead and missing people are increasing each day. I do hope that the people in the affected area will never lose hope and faith in God. Though we are shaken by this tragedy, always remember that God won’t abandon us. HE is there watching us and will carry us to overcome the hardships in life.

The very important part of the body

Well, all parts of the body are important because each has their functions. However, the most important part that we should take good care of is our brain. It may look and sound very simple to us but inside it plays very important rule in our body and in us. Because everything that we are, we do, our feelings, behaviour, thoughts and the functions of other body organs works due the that very important part of the body, which is the brain. Without our brain we can’t do everything that we want because the brain isn’t working.

We also have to put in our mind the other functions of the brain such as the memory, mental alertness, vision and cognition. That is why the brain needs more nutrients for it to functions well. Though it will still functioning even without taking proper nutrients, but the development is very slow. An individual should start taking proper nutrients at a young age so the brain develops well. The DHA, Choline, Taurine, Iron and Folic Acid are the nutrients that our brain needs.

We are gifted with complete body parts by God that we should be thankful of. In return, we have to take good care of it, love it and cherish it. And we should use it for our good and goodness to others.

Happy Birthday Sister

Birthday is one special day to every individual. It is like a reminder of the years of our existence in this world and also the years of life’s blessings from God. During our birthdays we celebrate it differently. Some prefers to have just a simple dinner with the family, some will make a party and invite close friends, relatives and colleagues and some do it by doing charity work. Doing these things are ways of saying that we are thankful that God adds another year of our existence in this world. It is best to share our blessings to others, right? Besides, it is better to give than to receive.

Anyways, I am saying this because today my dearest sister celebrates her 36 years of life blessings. She is thankful for having a wonderful family, loving husband and her bubbly little boys. It is indeed a good reason to celebrate her day. She got a bouquet of flowers given to her by her colleagues that makes her day memorable and special. She just bought snacks for her colleagues to extend her gratitude. Like the previous years, the sister will celebrate her day by having simple dinner at their abode with the family. It is really simple yet memorable. Happy birthday sister, I wish you good health and happiness in life.