Accepts the job through recommendation

As much as possible my older brother does not want to do a construction job. It is because of his condition. He was advised by his doctor not to get too tired. However, he do accepts light construction job like welding and electrical wiring. Right now, he was hired to do the window grills of a boarding house. He was recommended by a friend, so he accepts the job since it will only last for three weeks. Every time he arrives home from work, I always rummage his bag to get the lunch box and dirty clothes. One day, while I was rummaging his bag, I saw some clevis pins in one of the pockets. Even though I do not have any idea how to use it, still I took some and put it in the box. Maybe time will come that I will need this clevis pins.

Wrapping the giveaways for her students

 photo wrapping_zps5e7cf118.png

The sister wanted to make her students happy and make their Christmas party enjoyable and memorable for her students, so is so busy preparing games and wrapping the giveaways for them.  She will be wrapping 50 presents for her students.  Just thinking about it, it would take more of her time if she is to do it alone because she has to make paper bags where to put the stuffs for the kids.  Once again, I will be helping the sister to finish it all.  Since I do not know much on how to make the paper bags, I am in-charge of putting the giveaway items on the bags she made.

In less than four hours, we are done wrapping the giveaways for her students.  It was a tiring job, however, the feeling is fulfilled when you made it with all your time and effort.  It would make the receiver feels like they are important.  Though the kids won’t appreciate the effort you give because they are more focused on what is inside of the bags. Lol Anyways, I have shared it here the sister’s hands making the paper bags and the first four giveaways for her students.

Added to my list

Few years ago, I started learning on how to play guitar. I was influence by my younger brother who is practising how to play guitar on his own. He just bought a book on how to play guitar since he does not have the money to go to guitar lesson class. Because I am intrigued, I tried once and end up like it. We only have one guitar, so I should wait till his done before I can continue practising. Unfortunately, I did not able to pursue it because I don’t have time lately. I want to continue doing it, but first I have to buy my guitar so I can practise anytime, anywhere. I have looked and listing the guitar that I want to buy. I have many on my list already but haven’t decided on what to buy yet. Since I haven’t decided yet of what to buy, I continue searching of what kind of guitar to buy. My recent search is the exceptional kremona guitar at Musicians Friend. It is really nice I must say. The guitar that I searched will be add to my list of guitars that I like. Hopefully, I can pick the one that I like soon so that I can start practising how to play guitar again.

I did not able to save it

For the past days, my blogs are down due to hosting issue. I am glad that I am able to save back-up files of all my blogs. So, I did not worry much. But when the issue is getting serious, and the reseller host of my blogs decided to move to other hosting company, I began to worry because I did not able to save the theme of this blogs. I tried to contact the one who made it to see if she still has the copy of the theme of this blog. Unfortunately she does not have. I am really sad thinking that I might lose the theme of this blog.

It is really hard to accept that I did not able to save the theme of this blog. Among the themes that I have purchased, the theme of this blog is the one I so loved the most. I like the color and the style, though I am still hoping that the layout artist that made the theme will be able to find a copy of it so I can upload it here. I am really shy to ask her, but I have to swallow my shyness for me to bring back the beautiful theme of this blog. The badge of this blog that you can see in the sidebar is part of the header of this blog’s theme that was lost. Pretty isn’t it?

Hello December!

Hello December, it is! Oh yeah, we are on the last month of the year. The time really flies so fast I must say. It has been like yesterday that we are celebrating Christmas and welcoming the New Year, now we are going to celebrate Christmas again in 23 days and will be embracing another year. People are very busy doing Christmas shopping buying gifts to their love ones, friends and relatives. Also, buying the things on their Christmas list. Seeing them, reminded me of my Christmas list and it makes me sad because I haven’t have enough to buy things on my list. I am in the middle of selecting what to buy first.

Anyways, I wish this month my online earning would be fruitful again for I have lots of stuffs to buy for my love ones and myself, though I am not planning to spend much this Christmas because I still have to save some for the rainy days. Buying some for my love ones is my way of showing my love to them and also sharing some to them. The feeling is wonderful if we are able to share our blessings.

How do you welcome December? What are your plans for this month?