Watching my favorite variety show

My favorite variety show in local channel aired every Sunday. I never miss to watch this show because my favorite singers, dancers and performers are there. It is my way of unwinding from a busy week. I always stay inside my room and watching my favorite show. It is so relaxing for me. Last Sunday, my favorite band was one of the performers. They really play well and their vocalist has a wonderful voice. However, it is the man playing the bass is my idol. Well, he has handsome face and got the smile that will melt you. Haha! The instruments that they are using are nice, especially the bass. It is the same as the spector bass guitar at musicians friend. Even if I do not know where they buy their instruments, I am pretty sure know where they bought it. The design and look is really pretty. Anyways, my Sunday is always complete when I watch my favorite variety show. I am glad we have to television at home.

Happy Birthday to me

Today is my big day, another year added to my life. Times flies really fast indeed and I am getting older and older. I am not complaining that I am getting older, because we will all get there. In fact, I am happy that I reach the age I am now. If you are wondering why I did not write in here my age, it is because it is a secret. Haha! All I can say is that at my age, I am so blessed. Though many are bugging me telling me that I should get married at my age and it bothers me a lot.

Anyways, I wanted to greet myself a very happy birthday. I thank God for another year of life. About how am I going to celebrate it, well, I will be having a simple dinner with the family and two invited friends. I am not used to throwing a big celebration ever since. So a simple dinner with the family is fine with me. Besides they are my inspiration and my happiness. On my birthday, I wish for myself a good health, happiness in life, blessed life and love life this year. Haha! Many are asking about my love life and I cannot give them any answer, I do hope this year when they bother to ask again, I have someone to introduce to them. I really hope so. lol

The helpful books for me

Even though we do not have good voice, my family is musically inclined. We love to sing a lot, listening to music and sometimes my brothers will play guitar while me and my sister will sing. This is how the family do the bonding I must say. This is the reason I so eager to learn how to play music instruments especially the guitar. Since I do not have the time to enroll in music class, I can do the learning at home. I just have to acquire the perfect music books to help me in pursuing my dreams to play music instruments especially the guitar and piano. When I get to find the helpful books to use, I can start practicing and learning so when the family will have jamming bonding I can play music instrument/s and at the same time their singer.

Glad she is back

Because of the low pressure and the bad weather, the sister’s babysitter for her kids did not able to come back early. Their area flooded due to continue raining for days. The buses and other means of transportation stranded and can’t travel going back to the city. I babysit the kids for more than a week because the babysitter is not yet back. We understand the situation, however, we are worried because the birthday of the sister’s second son would be this week and she is not here yet. She is waiting for rain to stop and the water to subside so she can travel.

Our prayers answered because the babysitter arrives last night. She is back on time I must say. We are glad that the rain stops and the water subside. Because she is back, I can go with the sister today buying the things needed for tomorrow’s birthday celebration. Also, we are happy that the weather gets better today. Mr. Sun is slightly peeking. A little cloudy though, but still hoping for a sunny day tomorrow so the children’s party will be an enjoyable one for the kids. Thanks God for the weather and thanks for guiding the babysitter’s travel back to us.

Still want to welcome 2014 with this post

Even though this is a bit late, still I want to welcome 2014 with this post. My first day of 2014 was a bit tiring because I have just arrived from Bohol. Last year, I stay up until 6 O’clock in the morning of January 1, 2013 but this year, I went to bed at 1 O’clock in the morning. I wanted to stay a bit more and have some fun with my family, friends, and neighbours but my eyes and body are too tired and want to rest. I haven’t been able to have enough rest since I left for Bohol and going back home. My schedule was so busy that I couldn’t take even an hour for a nap.

Anyways, the family welcome the New Year (2014) with a smile. We had our first meal together for the year 2014. It is the family’s routine to welcome the New Year, at our dining table sharing foods that we have ready. It feels really great having meal with the family. The only problem is that the younger brother and his wife and son did not able to celebrate with us because of the bad weather in their area. Their son is just two months old, and traveling with bad weather is not a good idea. Though they did not able to celebrate with us, we still think that they are having meal with us.

So, I welcome the New Year 2014, with positive vibes and positive attitudes. I hope for more blessings, good health and happiness in life.